Corporal Braveheart and the battle for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Solon_of_Athens, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Corporal Braveheart and the battle for Afghanistan

    From The Sunday Times August 26, 2007

    This is an extract from a new book that will be published shortly about 3 PARA in Helmand. Great version of the story about Cpl Budd and some of the other events you may not have heard about.
  2. There was talk at the time of Cpl Budd’s VC anounsment about naming a school after him and a number of people contacted the local paper and councilers about this.

    To help with understanding,

    The school that Cpl Budd VC went to was to join with another in the area with both closing and a new school being built to cater for the area. Both schools were in a challenging area and had a number of challenging students. There had always been a lot of antagonism between the pupils from both schools and the joining was going to be difficult to say the least. A number of names were put forward and having gone through an amalgamation with my own regiment I could imagine, to some, this could be very emotive.

    As Cpl Budd VC had come from one of the school it was felt that this school got something more from the change. So a name which had nothing to do with either was found (Latin, must do well or something like that).

    A wing or department will be named after him and I would imagine that in due time 3 Para will be invited to attend the unveiling.