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just a quick question lads/lasses. i am in the process of joining the army (just handed in medical stuff) but im still not sure of what corps i want to join. but when im reading on here most of you know the corps and regiment you are joining plus the different regiments and stuff but i don't lol! The question is: should i have made my mind up by now and know all this stuff?


Knowing what you want to join would probably be a start.

Decide what you want/would like to do. Get some leaflets etc from the ACIO and see what jumps out at you.

If you have any questions regarding and specific regiment/coprs/trade then i'm sure they'll be people here who'll be able to tell you all you need to know
I'm in the same boat as you, I'm likely gonna have my interview before ADSC in the next week or so and I don't know any of that stuff, which I assume they'll expect me to. I just know the bare minimum of info about the RLC which is what I wanna join. Have to get googling I guess.
lol. you see i like the look of jobs like combat engineers, armoured infantry and stuff but i want to get skills i can use if i leave the army so that pushes me towards intelligence and stuff.
but i still have quite a bit of time, i have asked to pospone adsc until i feel physically prepared.
All Royal Engineers do Combat Engineering, if that helps.. that should give you an idea of the many different roles the Corps plays, and also as the website may or may not put across to you. Happy camping ;)
the royal engineers really appeals to me and the fact that they all do combat engineering is brilliant, thanks for that. i probably would be an electrician or something, my CA wants me to be an aviation technition(spelling)and such like but they seem a bit boring in the sense that you will have to learn loads and prbs in a classroom for ages ( partly what im tryin to get awa from now at 6th form)

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