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Has anyone else noticed that the spunkstainer has gotten out of hand.  It seems to act more as a platform for COs to point out to DRLC how ace they are rather than a true reflection of what goes on or an interesting periodical.  Fundamentally all anyone seems to be interested in is column inches.  Most of the stuff in there is dull dull dull.  Why does X Regt catering dept have to have a section every month.  By all means if they have something interesting to say or something that will amuse but invariably it goes something like "blah blah...very busy period....blah blah....Sgt X posted out"

To compound matters minor units have started to push the boat out, 44 Sqn yes we know what you do.  School of Log... you dont need a 2 page spread!  Army Cadets.....who cares and to be brutally harsh the forming Corps associations.  Now I am all for articles on how some old boys came down for the boxing and got leathered but whilst those guys think its an achievement to have lasted another month it could be made more relevant to serving soldiers.

I think the Sustainer should seek to combine the best elements of the British Army review and Soldier magazine.  Information on new developments, pressing issues and a letters page where everyone can whinge (name and address supplied stylee)
The other thing I can never understand is why, if it is intended for soldiers to read, do they put so much doctrine in there? Don't they realise that the only people who read it are the authors of the pieces and the editors? Who cares if SO3 Bog Roll at SchLog is now SO3 Bog Rolls and Toilet Seats and that the whole tream structure has changed to accommodate this groundbreaking development?

The best pieces are the ones written by the juniors who have returned from ops, it's just a pity that nothing slightly amusing survives the editing. And another thing, why is there never any intnetional humour in it? Dy they really think we had our sense of humours surgically removed on entry to the Corps? In not to answer that one!  ::)
I think most units, currently see writing Corps Notes as a chore to be endured rather than enjoyed.  Perhaps the reason that so many CO's are photographed/ mentioned is because its the easiest way of getting some turgid prose past the CO when, as a young subbie, you get tasked to write the notes.

The idea of a letters page is excellent.   Soldier manage theirs very well without it getting swamped by too much triv.  

Other suggestions:  

A section on tactical rather than strategic log doctrine.

Sections on Kit for soldiers.

Maintenance tips/some of that truckie stuff to keep the trogs quiet [might need lots of pictures for that one]

Some recipes for Chefs - please.

Could we also have a couple of soft, absorbant pages at the back - the shiny ones are a bit uncomfortable for us toilet seat readers. ;D

As for the humour - have you ever seen the swimsuit edition?   :eek:
A section on tactical rather than strategic log doctrine.
Just bin the doctrine altogether, no-one ever reads it.

Maintenance tips/some of that truckie stuff to keep the trogs quiet [might need lots of pictures for that one]
Just buy us a Haines manual for Xmas  ;D

As for the humour - have you ever seen the swimsuit edition?  
Is that the one with "Wide Load" on the cover?  ;D
I think when we use the term doctrine it need not necessarily be the really irrelevant kind, more the sort of 'how we cuffed it in the Gulf when we realised the FRC was bollocks etc.'

Units should be encouraged to only submit articles of interest not as a matter of course as the you cant really get to an issue because you've just fallen aslepp reading about the Regtl safe and skilled competion.

Question:  Who actually reads all of the Corps journal?  I mean all of it; cover to cover.  One would assume DRLC, but I wonder who else.
I read the Corps Rag cover to cover.  Admittedly it takes some time as I am a slow reader and have to ask what some of the bigger words mean...and I do tend to only scan the articles by the less fashionable regts and the associations.

As for 'tactical' doctrine - I mean the basic stuff for soldiers such as track discipline on entering Harbour locs, decent Camming of vehs, defense of Locs etc..I include those topics as examples because they seem to need relearning every ex/deployment.

Perhaps the lack of humour is a sign of a deeply insecure Corps and hierarchy? :-/
I usually put mine straight in the's sh*te!

And I wonder when they'll be changing the capbadge to reflect the fcuking appaling new design...., far too embarrassed I expect..... :mad: :mad: :mad:
Well I am glad to see that someone has read all of your comments as the Corps Rag has changed dramatically over the last few years. NOT! You all have some good points, perhaps you may be taken seriously if you wrote an essay about it or even an article for the Corps review. Mind you if you send a copy to HQ RLC, someone will probably keep the letter for a few months and then come up with a greta new idea for the Corps Mag in order to get an MBE etc.
Very glossy and lots of pictures of trucks......the SUSTAINER. The old Corps gazette needs to get away from telling the reader where each RLC regiment has been on tour, with manning overstretch and the policy of ensuring that no serviceman or woman spends more than 6 months in barracks, WE ALL KNOW WHERE AND WHAT WE DID ON TOUR. Lets get back to the tried and tested squaddie humour and personal mentions.
Personally, I find the mag very useful, for spotting mates and getting crates of beer out of them. Postings is good on the back, to find out where the jammy fecker got posted to, and, well, thats about it...the rest is crap. Letters page is a storming idea.....1st pages I read in the Soldier are the letters pages.

Also, bin the adverts of the trucks etc...I'm never gonna buy one, even if I did win the lottery and could afford it. Adverts for PRI stuff etc should be there.
The whole thing is a stinking pile of fezzing cocksnot from cover to cover. Apart from the last article I was jiffed to write which of, course,was superb.

I hate to admit it, but the best corps magazine I've seen is 'The Sapper'. It seems that individuals are encouraged to write interesting and amusing articles about any interesting and amusing things they might have done, rather than every unit submit some dull, drab, dreary nonsense about their daily routine. The presentation is much better as well, being laid out in such a way as to be actually readable.

We already have sufficient official publications to read about doctrine, and they're boring enough as it is. I fully expect OCs and COs to blow sunshine bubbles up each other's orifices, but would rather they did it in private. The whole thing is summed up by the postings bit in the back. Officers and SNCOs only. Isn't there anyone else in the corps?
Yeah, when was the last time you saw any postings apart from Drivers, stacker and MTI`s. Obviously the rest of us are not part of this sh** corps.

You had best wash out your mouth, SAPPER!!?? :evil: , I cannot believe you even opened the cover prior to wiping your arse with it!!. THE SHAME.
Not reading all the postings then....ALL trades are there inc Rad Ops (Winners), Rail men, Photoraphers etc...[/quote]
The Corps rag is indeed in need of a makeover. By all means keep in what each unit has been doing but reduce it to a few pages covering tour dates and locations and which sqns are deployed without all the guff.

It seems as if it is trying to be something it is not. Other journals I have read by Infantry units are full of articles written by the lads, with cartoons drawn by the lads generally taking the piss out of the SNCOs and Officers in an anonymous manner. I realise an Inf Bn is smaller and more intimate than the average RLC unit so the format might not work.

It also helps to be a fortune teller when writing for the Stainer as the articles are normally 6 months out of date by the time they reach print and to send articles direct to the editor bypassing Troopy to ensure he doesn't start to get a sweat on and worry about his promotion prospects if your article gets published.

It's where your one days pay scheme goes so lets lobby the editor to change it. I feel a letter coming on the Corps.
Pigsick said:
Yeah, when was the last time you saw any postings apart from Drivers, stacker and MTI`s. Obviously the rest of us are not part of this sh** corps.

You had best wash out your mouth, SAPPER!!?? :evil: , I cannot believe you even opened the cover prior to wiping your arse with it!!. THE SHAME.
Am I correct in assuming that your willingness to address your own Corps in such a fashion will be supported by your imminent departure from it??

The problem is that you always spam the subbies to write articles and even when I have gathered articles from soldiers checked and sent them on to puzzle palace, they "edit" them and remove any contentious humour in case the CO gets upset and wahte eventually gets processed through the bodily system of the editor and excreted onto the pages is radically different.
Plus why does he always have those crap postcards and cartoons all over the place, clearly they come from his own personal collection and where slightly funny in 1812 but are not now.
We need cartoons by chip, ala Soldier mag, incidentily the ones in the latest soldier mag lampooning the parlous state of our kit are excellent.
I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about it beinga vehicle for CO's to get their faces waved, doing activities that we all knew about anyway, and that are reported very late.

Get rid of the doctrine and lower the comprehension level. After all it is the Boys regt'l subs that are paying for it, surely they deserve something a little more. Here's an example:

Having spent a memorable afternoon on an airfield digging in a GPMG pit covering the main Sqn entry point, we had a successuion of RHQ visitors who all told us that we were doing it the wrong way. Firstly the CO, then the RSM, then the Adjt (airborne experience), then the training Offr (LE Ex MTI). Every single one had a wildly differing idea on how to do something as basic as a gun pit. A simple tactics level article on subjects such as this rather than the doctinal gumph would go a long way to sorting this sort of thing.

Having spent a long time in the old BAOR where routines and tactical level practices were used on an almost monthly basis, I was stunned to return to the Field Army to find that we have forgotten how to do so many basic things: tac signing, route recce's, harbour drills, convoy drills. There's 4 articles for a start.

My unit used to do a demo for the Tp Comd's course. There was a brilliant stand done by one particular Sqn "The G1098 in the Field". It was the most perfect G1098 a Tp Comd could have wished for, and a 10 minute brief on the role of the G1098 and the Admin team in the field (incl chef). This was followed by lunch prepared on site to show off the chef's prowess and to demonstrate to the new breed of Troopies what really can be done. Feedback from this was incredibly positive, even from Troopies who later joined the Regt. Sadly this stand was dropped in favour of a big tent with Regt silver and white cloths type affair from which they apprentices learnt nothing. But that's another story.

The postings page is incomplete, as mentioned above, it is often incorrect and in my opinion you either show the whiole picture accurately or not at all.

To have such a hiqh quality publication ( paper type, setting, photo quality etc) with such a good distribution network ( it gets to parts that other publications doesn't) and then to fill it with drivel is such a shame.

I know that it is only as good as the stuff that Adjts send in, but a steer from the top wouldn't go amiss.

Rant over!

PS - keep the glossy covers, cos they make good emergency fuel funnels when turned into cone shapes.
And another thing....

Dress codes.

Formal detailed promlogation of dress codes. Every one seems to have their own version of dress code within the Corps, and if the Corps Adjt and RSM think the corps has clear direction and applies it, think again gentlemen.

Belts on jackets, or not?

Barrack dress - which type of trouser Sir? Dark green plastic or Lt Wt?

Silly little badges on Mess kits ( Tk Tptrs / 7 Regt excepted)

Stable belts with combats?

Jumpers in CS 95?

Trade badges when to wear and when not.

Perhaps even a little historical note each month as to why certain badges are worn and where they come from: ATO, 7 Regt/Tk Tptr Eagle, etc etc

etc etc etc

Rant over

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