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Discussion in 'RAC' started by soprano54, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. Now call me a cynical TWWWWAAAATTTTT and by way of provoking some debate among fellow members and ex members of the RAC. Does anyone in this day and age feel there is requirement for all the different Corps Bands? See the u/m link, also IMHO they should all wear the same uniform, after all they are a Corps in their own right and it would save money which could be spent on the important stuff!!! :D
  2. Take it you got turned down again :)
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Can anyone tell me why the RAC need bands? Appreciate bands have a role within the PR side but what good did they ever do :?
  4. I still think there is a requirement for them but it seems there has been an overkill on the Guards side. Even though 2RTR had the band based with them in 'Fally' there was the odd occasion where you couldn't get them for a dinner as they'd been committed elswhere! :x A dinner just ain't the same with the marches being played on a CD!!! 8O
  5. yep , you cant be abusive to a cd player in the same way you can a bandy in the bar.
    i agree with s54,, the hodge podge of uniforms now seen in the rac heavy rtr band,, or what ever they call them selves is getting silly.
    get them to all wear the same kit and you could even have a hugh band on occasions when required ,, uniformity, base it guards if they have too reds a nice colour..
  6. Agree with all the above, they are paid far to much money & cost to much for what they do. Agreed they do do a lot of 'Tours' not of the fighting kind & they do have to rough it, in school halls. They, especially the House Division, only exist for the tourists benifit & to earn royalties from their CD's. If they still carried out their war role, we wouldn't have such a problem with manning within the Med Branch & for trying to do rear party duties. So lump them alltogether, bring back their war role, make them do the MATT's, put them on duty back in barracks & that they have regt'l days penned in that they belong to, so they are there to play. Instead of shipping in some other quartet to play on the Drumhead Service :evil:

    As an ex-infantry line regimental Bandsman I could not agree with you more..we fulfilled our war role..and rear party duties I remember them well stag on..
  8. I do soprano, till at least 2011, after that I am posted :D

    Subject to VENG of course
  9. And now you lot don't, beacause you are always on tour playing tunes :D
  10. If you didn't employ musicians as musicians how many do you think would enlist? I suppose a few would still join up but what percentage I wouldn't like to guess but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be many. If you binned the bands you would simply lose the services of them not get extra manpower. And they do contribute a little to Regimental morale.
  11. Sack Reggy Bands?!! How else would you march in step on a parade?
  12. They could be the same as what the old sqn clerk used to be, off the tank park & doubled up as the SSM driver. They could be attached to the SQMS, RAP etc, also could be assault pioneers. There were no tears when ours left, in fact I don't think anbody noticed :D
  13. The QDG CO got the band to parade in NI in Armagh in 1976 just after Spear-point got sent in,marched them through the Republican stronghold of Keady, though they had to do it twice as they marched a bit to fast the first time!

    The photo is from Caledon a bit quieter than Keady was at the time.The band also played at the funeral of a WRUC policewoman who was murdered in a bomb incident near Armagh(Leggit?).Note the new red combats and mark 1 helmets :)

    The band was an integral part of QDG and quite a few could drink the ´professionals´under the table,and were sorely missed on leaving.Maybe you should have mixed more,or was QDG unique? :?

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  14. Pipe Bands in the "Britain's small wars" context of the 50s and 60s regularly had the highest body counts and gained their fair (and more) share of decorations.
  15. I believe Bands now-a-days certainly need to stop complaining I joined a Battalion Band RRF and certainly did my fair-share of duties, we were the only band to do our AST whilst being part of AMF/L and main duties were to play enemy also to help run the RAP and also coy medics as we all did our RMA III. I remember joining 1RRF in Epi and taking on Akrotiri duties then moving up to Troodos Mtn to the RAF instillation and doing the duties up there also going on most exercises the Bn did. But in History Army Bands have been in every conflict even the Falklands the RM Bands deployed out their as medics