Corp Mess Arborfield is a Mess!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by pensionprisoner, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Just come back from a course in Arborfield.
    Had the displeasure of staying in the Mess Annex!!
    I shared a room with 3 others, just as i did in 1988 as an AT but this time it was 20 years more dilapidated and i had to pay for the privilage!!!
    someone somewhere is taking the pee!!
    Is this how the home of the REME treats its SNCOs.
    Mind u there were no ranks above sgt in the Annex even though the Mess was supposed to have been full and higher ranks were arriving for other courses aft. We all pay the SAME bills!!!
  2. it is truely shocking,
    cold, dirty, 200m from the real mess, and its not as though the 'corps mess' is anything to shout about either, seme mess beats it hands down. the ablutions are worse than i have had on tour also.
    Sad to call it the corps mess really. the mess staff and the food are top notch though it has to be said.
  3. Are we talking the hazebrouck barracks here? I thought the mess was at rowcroft or am I so far out of touch with the real world?
  4. pp for once we are on the same wavelength. Fair play to the current SEAE RSM as he has tried his best to sort the place out and the current (acting) mess manageress is a star. But, you cant polish a turd.....
  5. Couldn't have put it better myself Sparky. Whilst I can't comment on the main Mess building, I have stayed in the Mess Annex on a couple of occasions while on course at REME Arms School.

    As most will know it is the old Junior Coy accommodation in what was PMC. I stayed there in 1991 during basic training and my last visit there was in September 2007. It is blatantly evident that the only form of refurbishment/renovation to the accommodation while in transition between basic training accommodation and WO & Sgts' Mess Annex was a lick of paint. If you haven't already been there but are due to go, make sure you turn the light off before getting into bed. Otherwise, you will end up noticing that the decorators failed to remove chewing gum, bogeys etc from the walls around the headboard space before they deployed the paint brushes. The fitted lockers are the same ones. However, now some of them have either no doors at all or the odd one here and there hanging on by just one hinge. I won't bother to mention the state of the showers, I'll leave that to everyone's imagination.

    I don't think it is anybody in Arborfield's fault. It's too hard to believe that anyone would endorse these standards. It's obviously a case of serious underfunding and, if the comments previously made about the main building are true, what funding there is will understandably be used there first.

    The Mess Bill while there includes an element of "Mess Improvements". While living in the Annex building you can't help but wonder how many courses passing through it would take to save enough money to hire a wrecking ball for the weekend. You wouldn't even need an operator, the queue of volunteers to do it would stretch all the way up to the guardroom.

    On a high note though and something that has already been mentioned, the food in the Mess is top notch. Easily the highest standard I have ever encountered.
  6. I dont believe that the school will move in 2014 purely because they havnt spent millions on doing it up. The army seems only to close camps after they have spent millions on z type accm, a new sgts mess and a new gym!! Quebec Bks osnabruck springs to mind!!!!
  7. Spark is right we all know the accomdation is not up to the accepted standard but the constant axe over the Garrison prevents any real money being invested there.

    The move to a permenant home of all the schools may draw more investment, but the long term staff at the Mess deserve praise as they suffer a lot of complaints from passing members who may not appreciate their hard work and complain to the wrong person.

    I have been in the mess on may ocassions and yes it is not great but with the moves imminent no real money will ever be invested there, lets look forward as a Corps to our new home and make the right decisions there rather than look backwards.
  8. What the REME does is sends it's SNCO's on tour to supplement the lack of Class 1 Armrs and you're moaning about a 4 man room, get some perspective.
  9. pot - kettle
  10. Dont really understand your point.

    people are living in trenches in afgan, does that mean i have to move out of my room and live in the mess garden???

    get some perspective!!
  11. might be nicer scenary.... at least no bogeys
  12. Given several attempts to press on, it is likely that the Metrix consortium will fall through and the re-location of the training schools will be off again (remember the proposed move to Gosport a few years back?)

    I suggest a few WO2 and WO1 show some spine, refuse to be treated like Apprentice Tradesmen and check in to the nearest Travelodge and present their combined T&S bill to the Corps ASM. That should give him something to get his teeth into in between photo-calls for the Craftsman and swapping rugby tales with DEME(A).
  13. Unfortunately wo1s and wo2s would probably never be accomodated in the mess annex, it seems to be a privilage allocated to the Sgts and Ssgts who have far less sway.
  14. Just like last time attended a course there where WO1s were 2 to a room. The course was ranged SSgt to WO1 and all were in the mess annex and all were sharing. I wait to be proved wrong but the Annex is for short course students; only permanent staff and tiffy students get to live in the main building.
  15. Ooh get you, Boothroyd!

    Having fun in BAOR?



    (Having just spent a "delightful" night in Arborfield, and meekly paying my bill).

    Considering it's Tech central, there's a shedload of ordnance cluttering the place up. Is it part of a cunning plan to remind the Techs that they're in the Army?