Corp Legends or just great blokes?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mattloughrey, May 19, 2007.

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  1. People who inspired and were/are great Sappers and major influences
    My list starts with
    G***** L****** (Sect Comd) 25 Fd Sqn 83
    JP (Tp SSgt) at 24 Fd Sqn 85-88
    D*** R**** 23 SSgt
    Then & still serving Lt Col G***** H*******
    B**** G**** (RSM)
    Scouse M****

    Scouse M****** - where are you?

    Too many to mention, but here are a few!

  2. How about that Leg - End or should it be Bell - End G***s B***d OC infamous for addressing his RE EOD Squadron in Bosnia at the beginning of their tour with his "I will get a big medal and I don't give a shite about any of you taking the risks in order to get me it" Speech... Fat, Joe 90 lookalike, useless fcuk...
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    We can keep this thread going - but the OPSEC rules are OPSEC rules. No full names please.

    (Gundolph - I have edited your post above to comply as you had a quote in it)

  4. Roger that Chimera, I didn't realise I had quoted a full name?


  5. Does that apply to Sappers that have passed on Chimera? I would like to put in "Diggers" name. 2 Platoon 246 Field Coy Monty's Ironsides 1944. He is very much with us.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Gundolph - You didnt, but the quote from the first post of the thread had one.

    Swordman - No problem.
  7. I had a great sect comd take me on my cadre in the early ninties called mattloughrey, could you be the same person??
  8. Got to be Paddy H...... posibly the best Snr Drill Pig at No 1 TRG Regt. in the early and mid sixties.Went on to become RSM at Chattenden. Great boss when i worked under him at Southwood 1 Trg Regt. Not to crossed though.
  9. There is one outstanding genius that everyone should know about. Major John Charnley RAMC. Orthopaedic surgeon of world renown. medical practitioners came from across the world to listen to his lectures.

    He, while at Shaftesbury military hospital, gave men hope with his genius, His eccentricity was legend, and his surgeons skill outstanding.

    He was the Genius that perfected the hip joint operation that is so common today. Indeed it is still referred to as a "Charnley"

    Sadly he died in 1982. But for all the folk that benefited from a new hip? then thank Major, or later Sir John Charnley.

    Many thousands of men and women have Major Charnley for the ability to walk again. His ecentricty?........Wonderful..... Who else would order that ever man in ward one should have a pint of beer a day...Every day. Or who would get the prettiest girls to come and chat.

    Who else would have a little bar for the men (If they could get there) and who else for heavens sake? would serve scrumpy to those severely war disabled men. For ward one was the ward for the most seriously wounded men.
    Lads and Lasses I give you Sir John Charnley GENIUS. He saved me from amputation on VE day. I will always be proud that as a patient, I was able in a small way, to help him make his equipment. Sadly, I lost the photos he gave me with me on a bed, with the new orthopaedic gear on.

    Major John Charnley RAMC. A True genius, later Sir John.
  10. .............Crazywilly

    Paddy was last seen wondering around a Medway town completely shell shocked.............went from the top of one sh*t pile to the bottom of a civvy sh*t pile and could'nt handle it..........

    A sad end to any mans career!
  11. Frankie S***es, 12 Fd Sqn's SSM, absolutely top bloke. Shed a tear when he left and the sqn presented him with his shiny new RSM stick. Last saw him in Chatham as a Captain.

    Tony Ch****ie. Was my training full screw in 55 sqn in 87, absolute total cnut, carried a clansman whip everywhere and used it if you fcuked up. Ended up being my troop staffy in 1Tp 12 Sqn. Best staffy I ever had...period. Last heard he was a Captain somewhere too. If you read this Tony...all the best from Big Shug :wink:
  12. now a OAP want to be a sapper.....looking at blowing up nearest DWP...offices....any advice appreciated.......have got hydrogenperoxide and flour ready!!!!
  13. He was my Trg Full screw then ( I can't place you Buggrit :?: )as well :x I hated him with a passion then - don't know what he is like now though :?
  14. He took my cadre, I remember him stamping on my feet as I had worn brown shoes for a church parade! He's at 32 now.
  15. I cant believe Tony C****ie has ended up being mentioned in the thread titled "Legends or just great blokes" as he is niether. That is if he is the same guy i'm thinking of? Gobby, full of sh!t , Golfing, Celtic supporter?