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Got to look at August's sustainer today in deepcut's finest toilet, I read the bit from the Corp Colonel about dress standards and the corporate identity of the Corp and everyone looking the same. For PT why dont we just have a green T-shirt on with RLC emblazoned on the back for all regiments and blue training tops with RLC on the back with all monies raised going to the corp fund. I was also mystified as to why Regiments have little badges/broches to identify themselvesto be worn on working dress and Mess dress is this the norm ? lastly why do 13AA wear maroon T-shirts with uniform not even Reg do that.
Having one tee shirt for the whole corps would be far too simple and sensible.

As for why 13AA wear maroon tees with uniform, have you ever noticed that airborne attached arms try to be more 'airborne' and 'ally' than the paras themselves. One only has to look at 7 Regt RHA (para)'s insistence that they call themselves 7 para.

The most disgusting thing I ever did see was on the piss in London, somewhere near Leicester square. There we all are, trying our best to pretend we work in the city and not at Hyde Park barracks, and in walks about 15 RE parachute types. Each one dressed in maroon tee, dessie shorts and most were wearing dessie boots. They all had the full complement of para shat tats, and I think a few were even wearing ID discs. However, that's all topped by the bloke who seemed to be in charge of them. He was wearing nearly brand new dessie boots, and had actually gone to the trouble of stitching a set of wings on the top of each boot, and a DZ flash on the inside.

Dont be silly KoL, that would mean stopping every Sqn in the CorpS insisting that although they cant "make" you buy a T-shirt, of course your name may be at the forefront of shit jobs if you dont.
People in the Army wearing matching outfits? It'll never catch on.
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