corp flashes (DZ) for all RA units?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ZEMTEX, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. :? I am being told that not only have 7RHA lost there pegasus badge and been replaced by a funky coloured sheild with a sparrow on it , but they also have to share the RED over BLUE flash with the rest of the RHA / RA units when they deploy to theatre........

    RHA units e.g. 1ST RHA, aparently were wanting to have a BLUE / YELLOW / BLUE flash and not the RA one, but got told they have to wear the RA this true???

    Aparently it is so they could easaly be recognised whilst carrying out infentry roled dutys. :?
  2. Yeah, it's true. Suppose they want to be badge collecters as well as them. They weren't worn by non - 7 RHA units on Op TELIC 1 so why now.

    Blue yellow blue one could be seen as PWRR who are in the same Bde.

    And they are DZ flashes. And not everyone has them as they ran out apparently. Usual kit shortages - no change from Op TELIC 1 :(
  3. Sucka
  4. Not trying to take the DZ flash away from 7th but it does aid unit recognition, some vehicles attached to 7th on telic were given dz sticker for cab window so it helped the rest of 16AA know that you were semi friendly(you know they all hate us). :twisted:
    Does this then mean that you wear Bde badge, DZ flash, Union Flag and any other badge you have?
  5. The 'Royal Artillery Tactical Recognition Symbol' is apparently to be adopted by all RHA/RA units, not just those going on Telic.

    It should be remembered this is not just a 7 RHA symbol, as it is also used by 21 Bty, part of 47 Regiment. It does, however, come from the DZ flash used within 5 Airborne Bde, and more latterly, 16 Air Assault Brigade. Yet it should be remembered that unit symbols such as these (in a variety of sizes) have been adopted on an ever-increasing scale by many different Regts.

    As for it making us look wannabes; fair point.

    It does, however, identify, and therefore distance, certain sub-units of 1 RHA from the units in which they are being imbedded for the forthcoming tour. Considering this, and this alone, I welcome it.
  6. Moreover, how can it be a "Corps Flash" when worn by members of the Royal Regiment? I suggest Zemtex may feel more at home on the Sappers Board, one up!
  7. Once again Harry to the rescue with facts!!

    Zemtex, 7 RHA have not lost there pegasus!, It was presented to them on the disbandment of 16 Bde in the mid 70s and is still worn on the left arm of No 2 and No 7 dress a 1 inch x 1 inch size badge. The Bde no longer wear a Pegasus badge on there smocks.

    Some Gunner units did wear the RA flash in Gulf war one do remember some eager or bored blokes having one on each arm also one bloke with it upside down, or maybe the negative was upside down!.

    I wasnt there but have seen several photos and quite a bit of footage of these flashes, and before you ask 7 RHA where on baggage party at Heathrow airport so it couldnt have been them!

    Now Subbie cant leave you out can I ! As for identifying the Gunner element from the unit they are attached to subbie take an F or should I say take a bullet from a sniper , If you make it as an Foo you have a price on your head as you have death and destruction on call , Its bad enough having loads of Antennas in your vicinity but you also choose to put a zeroing patch on your arm! hence why the warrior OPV has a wooden cannon so you blend in.

    If RA ID flashes are to be worn by all RA units lets hope they are general issued and not knocked up by unit tailoresses or pads wifes & sewn on correctly and smartly , not with a fork or super glue.
    And lets not call em DZ flashes and get em the right way round.

    Ps I think this is just PRI shops and Silvermans making a fast buck!
  8. "the warrior OPV has a wooden cannon so you blend in"

    Shame the 4 antennas (as opposed to 2 or 3) make it stand out so well. And the different rear door doesn't help.

    We spent the whole of the Cold War training the troops to take out the vehicle with the most comms - why do we assume that the rest of the world hasn't caught on ?

  9. If they can see your rear door don't you think that you are in the wrong place :D

    You risk having a para booting them in.
  10. Ref the ongoing saga of TRF's/DZ Flashes/Unit recognition Badges, how about a slightly different perspective?

    Point 1. We all know that people like to wear badges, even if you say you dont, folks still like to have crossed flags and crossed rifles on their rank slides, been to the school lately, little secret badges popping up evry where. Even SF Battery in Catterick has one!!

    Point 2. Mat Regs (V Sad i know) now states that Corps and Regiments are to ID there selves by the aid of Unit flashes, so soon even the chefs and truckies will have there very own badge to wear, (i think there the worst offenders any way).

    Point 3 The main bit, Has any one seen the Royal Signals TRF? Quite small and discrete, if the Gunners were to adopt a TRF (Not a DZ Flash) then how about somthing along the lines of that. You only have to look back to the days of Battledress and see that that was the norm back then. Even Winsdor Davis used to wear one.

    The point being that the rest of the Gunners wont have to look like they are attached to ABF, and have there own discreet and individual looking TRF.
    Answers on a postcard or into the RARSM'S intray.
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Can we get a patch that we can wear on the crotch of our C95 to stop the constant wearing thin of the material around our love spuds??
  12. Its coming your way one way or another!! I've just been informed that 26 Regt are now wearing a TRF with golden roman numerals emblazoned all over it. See what i mean this is going to get silly. As The Royal Regiment, units should all be counted as such and not look like each regt trying to out do each other in the style stakes. Other arms and services would start wondering whats going on.:?
  13. Hmmm....I quite agree Eddy. The 26 Regiment TRF is utterly vile, and has the approximate dimensions of a duvet cover. God knows what the Firm are up to - but it doesn't bode well. Quite happy for 7 (Para) RHA to have their DZ flash - but it all seems a bit tacky.

    I'd like to know who designed 26 Regiment's TRF. It certainly never crossed my radar while I was there - and it really should have!!


    PS All the best to 26 Regt! Have a nice break before your next tour - I make it 4 tours in 2 years - good work fellas! :D
  14. Can be any worse than the stupid red square behind the cap badge that the RSM made us wear at 12AD, just in time for the NI tour! Good aiming mark!

    Drew the fcuking line at poncing silk cravat type things, mass revolt told him where to stuff those bloody things!
  15. Try a diet tubby, just like my fat burning attempts!!!!! :twisted: :lol:

    (amazing what you can do as a mod really) :twisted: