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Corp Ethos. Do we have any? If so what is it? If not why not? How do we get it? Is that the reason why there are so many whinging whiney cnuts on this forum compared to other capbadges? Or is it that we a just a corp full of cnuts?

Good night last night was it? Why don't you throw something in about V and S too. Yawn!


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you scaley backs must have one coz you have your own Masonic lodge filled with blokes who left the Corps and still want to talk about it over a beer or three.
Obviously I'm not in your Corps, but have worked with many. I've found that the guys are generally very good tradesmen, but I've not really noticed what can be termed as an ethos. My ECM operator in Afghan had a very poor view of other RS in theatre, he particularly hated the useless twits with the ghostbusters patch and I must admit they were an embarrassment to your Corps.
Of course you do, if you class, 'whiny, geeky nerds bonded together by a love of male-only bukkake and all nighters playing Doom' as a form of ethos.
That's the int corps 8-O
My ECM operator in Afghan had a very poor view of other RS in theatre, he particularly hated the useless twits with the ghostbusters patch and I must admit they were an embarrassment to your Corps.
Good to see that going from being a Troop to a Squadron hasn't stopped those cowboy twats from being, well, twats.
Haha, good old Rodeo Troop. Biggest bunch of WALTs in the Corps. Used to cut around the Province thinking they were 22. Couldn't be done with their attitude. Definitely needed adjusting and I know of 2 (minimum) who did get it adjusted for them.
The Corps is ******* brilliant, has an excellent ethos and I'd be more than happy to discuss it with you.

What's your take on it and have you really been around long enough to be in a position to discuss it? What do you think 'ethos' is?

Incidentally, why ask why there are so many 'whinging whiney cnuts' on this forum. You could clearly answer this yourself as you appear to be one of them (I could be wrong though)......

Don't you ever tire of being such a ******* bore?
No. Next question geek.
Ah, here's 5A crayoning all over another thread. You are SO fcuking droll. Stay in the NAAFI, eh, fcukwit and you'll be at your level.

Of course there is a Corps ethos. I was extremely proud to say that I was a member of the Corps. We have/had some fine soldiers and officers in all ranks.

Stands by for an oh so funny rejoinder from the site fuckwad.
I'm going to take a risk here and compose a serious response.

I was 11 years in the Royal Corps before transferring (voluntarily) in 1989 as a Sergeant. I was in the (then) DI24(A) side of things, so my exposure to the wider Corps was restricted to basic training, career courses and a long tour at 14 Sigs in the late 80s. As an old school S Tg and then EW Op, my role on career courses was effectively to provide the cadre with someone they could hate more than technicians! Note that my thoughts can not possibly reflect the state of affairs nowadays, although reading this forum does suggest that some things have not changed.

The Corps was then pretty good at what it was for - communications and all the jiggery-pokery associated with it. It did make itself slightly ridiculous to the rest of the Army by allowing itself to be presented as bullshit crazed and bureaucratic - which I think may be a function of the Corps' insistence on using folk from a particular background to fill Tp SSgt, SSM and RSM slots. Some of these guys, of course, are complete stars; unfortunately, a significant number I came across were bitter, twisted individuals who felt that they were regarded as failures and who compensated by being over-hostile to technical trades and the folk in them. Add to that a self-image on the part of some which saw them representing themselves as infantrymen manque and you have a recipe for a real twin-track organisation, with actual dislike between the two tracks. It's very hard for someone who writes on a ruler to be taken seriously as a leader by other folk who, while they may be junior in rank, are wildly more academic than they are. They have to gain respect by leadership, which has nothing to do with intelligence and it's by no means always the case that the folk I saw selected as SSM and RSM, in particular, had any particular qualities of leadership, beyond being really good at drill, in some cases.

Add to that the wildly variable quality of Corps officers, who ranged from total rugger-bugger idiots to dreamy and impractical techie types, all of whom spent far too little time commanding troops and few of whom actually enjoyed the company of soldiers and it was surprising that the Corps functioned as well as it did. That sounds damning and it's a touch unfair; there are many good DE officers, but the overall number of duffers seems higher in the Royal Corps than in other combat Arms (to use the old terminology).

As to a Corps ethos, I don't think I ever noticed one. I didn't feel any particular identification with any other guy wearing a Jimmy and wouldn't expect any particular help or support unless I knew the other guy personally. The only Corps-wide thing which seemed to get anyone's heart racing in the hierarchy was Corps sport and I gather that tended to have an operational impact as the sporting regiments would have to carry unfilled holes in their establishment to make up for the absentee sports teams, which I gather spent a lot of time away from their jobs, training - although I imagine this has more or less disappeared now, with the ongoing tempo of operations.

I don't want this to sound like a negative whine. I was in the Corps for half my career and worked closely with it for a large chunk of the other half; I know and knew many first-class folk in the Corps, not, by any means, all from my side of the house - and I keep in close touch with a number of ex- Yeomen, Foremen and even a couple of ex-SSMs and LE officers; equally, though, I did note, on the non-trade side of the house, a larger proportion of knob jockeys than one would expect.
Obviously I'm not in your Corps, but have worked with many. I've found that the guys are generally very good tradesmen, but I've not really noticed what can be termed as an ethos. My ECM operator in Afghan had a very poor view of other RS in theatre, he particularly hated the useless twits with the ghostbusters patch and I must admit they were an embarrassment to your Corps.
Sad to say I felt the same way about some of my Corps brethren, was prouder of my time with 660. The RLC has its fair quotient of nobbers too, however. Just couldnt work out why the Corps was so full of bull. Worked your knackers off on a Rebro (stop laughing) for most of the year and then for 1 week the training wing expected you to go to Battle camp like a Brecon infanteer, shouting and hollering at you, whilst the Inf advisors quietly told you how things were supposed to be, 5 seconds later some fat geezer with a limp and a helmet 1 size to small is shouting something contradictory at you. The Infantry blokes must have wondered what the point of them being there was. That was the end of my esprit de Corps I'm afraid. Hated the all for show and no substance. That said, there were some amazing talented individuals with real humour, verve, talent and drive. They just rarely got into positions of power.
I think Glad its all etc just about sums it up. Some of the RD staff were pretty much failed tradesmen with massive chips on their shoulders or frustrated infanteers. The Corp ethos at my time was to be bloody excellent at your job whilst constantly being told you were a soldier first and a tradesman second which didn't sort of give you much of an incentive.
For example, an RSM at 13SR (a paddy) bollocking a guy coming off night shift for not shaving. When politely informed he'd just come off shift, the paddy RSM came out with "I've never known anyone in the Army to work shifts, do you mean guard duty?". Hmmm! Must have at least 15 years service.
Mind you, they weren't all that bad. SSM at 9SR who thought we were all a bunch of malingerers and wasters until he cottoned on to the fact that we worked 50% more hours than the day shirkers and that, when on shift, we were on bloody shift and didn't move until it ended (brew jockey being an exception).
Biggest disappointment to me was 14SR (back in the cold war days, you understand, nowadays they are doing a pretty good and fulfilling job) as they didn't do anything! After being told about this "warry, fighting and green Army" it was a bit of a let down to find guys cleaning out garages or washing vehicles most of the day with the training wing trying desperately to find something for them to do. The vehicles had more maintenance and TLC than the Ferrari F1 team and still wouldn't bloody work on the occasional exercise.
However, it was always a pleasure to see the Sigs putting in a good days work, whether it was the liney running out the cables or the tech getting the "shot" in, or the commcen linking up to impossible places. A little bit more "you are doing a bloody good job as the Army's comms specialists" and a little less "taking you a stage further in your foot drill......" might have helped.
((I'm sure it's all completely changed now due to the pressure of continuous ops and the guys are left to get on with what they do best....I can always hope)).
Ex Bleep:

I think it can safely be said that the vehicles at 14 were fit for a showroom. My old Series 3 dets; 22GX44 and 33GT11 just needed a wee dust down now and again and the same applied to the PU12s and mast boxes :-D

Perfectly summed by a combination of a couple contributions though. There are far too many RDs in the Corps who kid themselves on that they are both PSBC and ASM Sandhurst material. Most of the time they are dire instructors and can't run a range package to save their lives.

I remember being on a course a few years back (before we started receiving decent gear) and there was some Corps buffoon with the Para (he wasn't one) smock on, beret shaped like a Para's and a pair of boots which probably cost the same as a small car. Some of the other course personnel (mixed cap badges) were like WTF are you on you fool. Definitely a case of embarrassment by association.
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