Corp Dinner

Hi all,

I am off to the Corp dinner for the first time this year. Does anyone know the format of a Corp Dinner is there any special entertainment etc??

Noticed its going to cost me £58 quid which seems a bit steep so I will be expecting something special :)
You should have a good night, it's just the same as a normal Regt dinner except there will be more people there and you'll get fu**in steaming
Its an experience that everyone should have. However if you think its only gonna cost you £58 you would be better off multiplying that by about 6 (if your a tight fisted w@nker). Otherwise you may be a little disappointed about the day.
They'll probably serve chicken
Do we have any candidates for this year's Corps Drinking contest?

Must be still stood at the bar and not crashed out on the chesterfields with a map of africa decorating your trousers.

Projectile vomiting is only allowed if done with style and a sense of panash. Extra points will be awarded for hitting strategically placed pint glasses.

See you there!!!


Is there a date yet?

Be sure to rinse the free wine. Everyone alway ends up in the roadhouse via stringfellows so be prepared to dent your bank account by £150 at least.......and thats being tight. obviously if you love lap dancers and fall in love with everyone it is going to cost you more.

£58!!! thats a bit steep?? Is it still at the Savoy because they basically served us posh fish and chips last year.

If the Corps sacked all the whinging toms who seem to slag everything off and moan all the time on this website, perhaps the corps would have some money to reduce it from this huge amount. Why all the cynicism in the corps!!! Its not all bad!
your whinging about whingers so do they sack you !!!! ??? do they sack me for bringing this point up , and therefore being a whinger too..........
We're stuck with the Savoy until a contract we signed years ago runs out. It's too titchy for us these days, hence all the important people go to the Savoy. The rest of us plebs have a variety of 'unofficial' dinners in the surrounding area (ranging from McD's upwards)before rolling along to Roadhouse.

Didn't realise there was a date yet, normally in May around Army v Navy time. £58 is a bit rich, should be cheaper if you pay Corps Funds.

You have got to be kidding me! I have never heard so many whines in my entire life for a valid reason. I never went to the dinner but the horror stories after it confirmed my doubts about the cost Vs reason. The chicken was absolutely shite as was the 'lack' of entertainment!

Better luck next year, and oh, top tip, try not to make it a 3 line whip for those in Blandford and you might find more people go and actually frigging well enjoy it!
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