Corp, Ctauch been busy...

University of Nevada maintains a flock of sheep that contain 10% human DNA [ for research purposes only, of course ]..oh, wait.. Human DNA.. can't be the guys' then...I don't think they have 10% human DNA between them...

Some scientists are worried that human DNA might turn up in the brains of the sheep - horrors, a thinking human trapped in a sheep's noggin!! -[ oh, wait.. again, that's Corp and ctauch ] though right now, it seems confined to various major orhans such as livers, kidneys, pancreas, etc...

nice to know that in a few years one could have a reasoned conversation with ' son of Dolly ' before frying up a chop for supper, or will oner have to enter into labour negotiations with a sheep's union over the price of wool?

ah, the 21ts century.. what possibilities...
Corp and Ctauch, I take it are rednecks??? So if that is the case, they have no human DNA in their system at all 8O

In fact their nearest relative in the animal kingdom has to be the Orangutan......and its bloody gwa too :roll:

Imagine that, redneck and a gwa......jesus I'd shoot myself :lol:
Corps and Ctauch have been injecting human strain DNA into livestock for years. :)

While we are discussing Ctauch, the seedy little colonial sent me this picture the other day:

I have a horrible feeling that it is a mating signal..... 8O 8O

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