Coroner criticises medic delay - inquest Derrick Bird Cumbria shooting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RearWords, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. The Coroner of the inquest into the Derrick Bird Cumbria Shooting has decided to write to the Home and Health Secretaries concerning the policy that blocks paramedics from attending the scene of an incident, which might involve an issue to their personal safety. The evidence the Coroner has heard, which in one case involved a victim who had been shot and did not receive medical attention for 8 hours, must have been horrific.

    Whilst it is understandable that lives should not be risked until it is evident there is no longer a danger. Does this particular case show that a re-think or compromise needs to be found that would not in future necessitate the undue suffering experienced by victims of this scenerio. In future situations could it be handled differently and procedures changed to effect a better result? I understand that in this case the probability of any of Derrick Bird's victims surviving, even with medical assistance, was slim but it has raised issues regarding the national policy.

    BBC News - Derrick Bird gun rampage coroner criticises medic delay
  2. So next time some loon like bird or the roid rager ive forgotten the name of goes on a uncontained spree -

    'Coroner Criticises the Death of Medics who enterd the danerzone and were shot by gunman as they tried to help the wounded without armed police to presant'?
  3. I think we need to get the ambulance drivers tooled up and the lollipop ladies. You are a ******* whining lefty berk.
  4. One of these in NHS hidh viz battenburgs for when the going gets tough or they're called to a chav estate? a must have for evry NHS service

  5. "Ensure you are not placing yourself in any danger when approaching a casualty"

    St Johns Ambulance First Aid Handbook

    Stupid f@cking Do gooders are the Snipers dream come true
  6. Quite right Tropper and don't become a casualty yourself.
  7. Once upon a time the "Emergency Services" would put themselves in harms way but since the Labour party introduced Human Rights, Political Correctness and Health & Safety, putting yourself in harms way has been stopped.
  8. As Jarrod says don't become a casualty in the process as then you need rescuing as well, putting yourself in harms way is a calculated risk, for example some one falls halfway down a 20 meter steep slope / cliff before becoming stuck and injured do you attempt a rescue in shorts t shirt and flip flops or do you call it in and wait for mountain rescue or a sea king to arrive who have better odds of rescuing them without further injuries
  9. IMO the emergency services have had some of their ability to respond handicapped by over zealous and unnecessary health and safety legislation. The chief fire officer of Strathclyde fire service recently said as much. Lets not forget a lucrative industry supported by EU legislation has sprung up in order to keep the public sector well supplied in high vis vests, safety equipment and HR diversity policy advisors etc. I also believe that many middle ranking officers/managers in the emergency services generally owe more to their appointments due to ticking diversity boxes and being fast tracked up the ranks, with little practical experience, leading to a reliance on strict adherence to text book policy rather than relying on years of practical experience in real situations.

    However, as johncivie and tropper pointed out, heedlessly sending in personnel to the risk area in a similar situation could just result in an armed psycho having a fresh supply of targets and from what i read, the coroner at the inquest has identified comms problems between police and amb service as being the primary cause for concern rather than a reluctance of emergency service personnel to take risks however much the daily wail would like to spin it that way.
    It is also worth noting that three fire officers have recently been charged with negligence occasioning manslaughter following the deaths of firefighters in warwickshire at a fire in 2007.

    The results of that have yet to transpire, but five will get you ten that the charges will relate to incorrect use of procedures/not following safe systems of work.