Coronavirus , How Concerned Are You ?

Coronavirus , How Concerned Are You ?

  • I`m genuinely concerned and have started to make plans.

  • Nothing to worry about , carry on as normal .

  • I`ll be staying out of circulation until it dies down.

  • I`ve cancelled all travel plans.

  • Panic Panic Panic , we are all going to die .

  • Time to stock pile food and water .

  • I trust the British government to take care of everything.

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listening to the radio this morning there are plenty of stories about the hospitals not having PPE and less CV testing than the ministers are saying we can do - the problem is that I ve not heard anyone in authority yet provide a detailed explanation for the delays - according to a doctor on the Julia Hartley Brewer show the UK put a massive PPE order into a french company as soon as the outbreak occurred but Macron redirected that order to stay in France - she then said that Germany is testing so much because there is only one company in the world making the swabs - in a worldwide emergency I d really love to know what is stopping us from getting the ‘recipe’ and license to make those testing swabs in the uk from the Germans and also what measures the govt is taking to make our company’s switch production to make PPE here? - having seen how convoluted defence procurement is at first hand I can only hope that we are not sticking to the stupid EU procurement rules and contracting reqs which has cost this country billions in normal times but sadly wouldn’t be surprised if we are still following the rules when others quite rightly ignore them to get things done! - also, after this, if we ever allow our essential supplies to be outsourced again then the govt needs shot!
It's interesting to note which posters haven't changed their posting style and still include their political outlook, regardless of accuracy. Do you have a link for any of the above? Here's one from me:

State aid: Commission approves UK schemes to support SMEs affected by coronavirus outbreak
There being almost as many Corona or Covid threads as that infamous B matter I'm not sure if this is the right place, but no matter here goes. A few days ago the battery in my mobile phone gave up the ghost, so a quick scan through Amazon got me a replacement that did not cost an arm and a leg. The seller notified me when it would arrive, so there was me and the Boss waiting when the DHL van rolled up, door bell rings, I press the front door open button ( we live in a small block of flats), I then open our door just in time to see a head and an arm, a voice says "Post" and the arm launches my parcel in my direction and disappears. All that took 2 seconds max. Slight change from the normally friendly postey who comes in and hands over the parcel personally, gets an electronic signature, says "Tchuss" and goes. Corona changing your daily life.
Youve been stalking my Facebook
Was on the bombheads page early today - it's covered with memes at the moment, some good, some shite...
Just got approved on GoodSam and awaiting first call. Anyone else?
Free to read.
Apparently there are varying degrees of concern round my neck of the woods and even further afield. 400 ish mtrs from where I live there's an Aldi and a Lidl on opposite sides of the road. Last week Aldi had put adhesive tape on the floor in front of the check out at 1mtr intervals and were demanding that every customer should keep 1 mtr apart and must use a trolley, although one trolley between 2 people together was also allowed. Meanwhile on the other side of the road Lidl did nothing. This week Aldi has increased the separation to 1.5 mtrs and while still demanding that everyone uses a trolley no longer has anyone at the entrance enforcing this. Lidl on the other hand is still not interested in minimum separation, even though it is obligatory, Lidl does however insist that everyone, whether alone or accompanied uses a trolley. Wtf?
Just to make matters more confusing depending in which Bundesland (State) you live there are varing laws on leaving your home, travelling and how many people can be together outside the home. Latest joke concerns face masks, I forget which town it is, but the mayor demands that everyone wear a face mask when out and about. This may catch on, good idea you say, there are however two very minor details that have been overlooked, the face masks concerned are of the variety used by doctors and nurses. These do not protect the wearer, they protect other people on the immediate vicinity if the wearer has an infection eg corona. Second minor detail, there are not anything like enough masks for those who actually need them ie medical profession, let alone the whole population.

Meanwhile I'm still looking for a f**k to give, but there are none in the shops, somebody has been panic buying en masse.
Elsewhere, Police action in terms of discouraging prohibited gatherings tends to be a little more.....robust....

Don't mosques have back doors?


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Coronavirus: 3,000 reservists called up to join MoD's response.

Anybody missing?

A few days ago the government said that the death total was doubling every 3 or 4 days and this graph suggests it's about every 4 days at the moment. The current death toll is 2,352 but that only includes people who have died in hospital and not people who have died at home or in care homes.


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