Coronavirus (COVID-19) alerts.. Including any Paranoia

I doubt we'll ever know what the truth regarding COVID-19 deaths in China has been. While certainly there would have been a considerable number of non-COVID-19-related deaths over the period ...

'Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are queuing in front of Funeral Parlors in Wuhan to collect the urns with the ashes of their deceased who died in the coronavirus epidemic during city’s forced isolation. All those who died during the epidemic were immediately cremated, without any funeral ceremony and without specifying the causes of death. Family members had to wait for the authorities' notice to retrieve the ashes of their loved ones.

'On the brink of a profound economic crisis, China is pushing to restore normalcy to the country, and has scheduled the reopening of communications in Wuhan on April 8. A sign of this "normality" is the collection of urns by relatives in preparation for the feast of Qingming, on April 4th, when the tombs of the deceased are honored. The long queues in front of the Funeral Parlors provoke the question of how many coronavirus deaths there really were. So far China has only reported 3298 deaths.

'A photo released yesterday on social media (see photo) shows a long line outside the Funeral Parlor in Hankow, a district of Wuhan. Online comments say that people have had to wait for hours while public security and plainclothes policemen were watching that no one took photos. To take the ashes of their deceased, family members had to be escorted by Funeral Parlor staff members or city officials. The comments speak of "a form of surveillance". Caixin magazine notes that the queue outside Hankow's Funeral Parlor was approximately 200 meters long; thousands of empty urns were unloaded from a truck and stacked in the Funeral Parlor.

'Another "funeral hall" in Wuchang (another Wuhan neighborhood) has announced that family members can come to collect the urns with ashes from 23 March. The Funeral Parlor plans to distribute 500 per day, up to Qingming. This means around 6500 urns throughout this period. Wuhan has seven Funeral Parlors: if it is calculated that each of them will distribute urns at the same rate as the one in Wuchang, it adds up to an estimated 45,500 urns for the city of Wuhan alone.

'Perhaps not all of these deaths can be attributed to coronavirus, but it is almost certain that the official figures are purposely underestimated. A Caixin reporter said earlier that the Funeral Parlor cremation ovens worked for 19 hours a day in February.'

Full Article - Wuhan, endless queues for ashes of coronavirus dead cast doubts on numbers
So if people stay at home CV19 does not spread so fast?
But is that not just slowing down the infection rates & this will last longer?
Slowing it down is a good thing. More time to build ventilators, get more ICU beds, get closer to a vaccine, more knowledge learned, more people trained.
The nut-jobs of POTUS at QAnon now getting in on the act.

'This is perhaps the most prominent conspiracy theory to date, and the reasoning is simple enough. According to this theory, the coronavirus – officially called SARS-CoV-2 – isn’t just an unlucky product of nature but a viral weapon created in the lab in order to terrorize unspecified targets.

'Politicians and cranks across the world have espoused some version of this theory, though not always blaming the same perpetrator. U.S. Senator Tom Cotton blames the Chinese government. Leaders in Iran and China have argued that the origin of the virus is actually the U.S. military. This conspiracy theory has also gotten support from the usual internet-dwelling suspects, with QAnon adherents claiming the virus is a so-called false flag invented by the “deep state” (among other bizarre ideas).

'One argument points out that Johns Hopkins University hosted a public exercise last October of how a pandemic would affect the world, suspiciously using a coronavirus as its fictional germ. That Bill Gates, a common target of the QAnon crowd, helped fund this simulation exercise has only further stoked those flames.'

For what it's worth, I also believe this virus was either being engineered or studied in a laboratory, and it got out because someone fucked up. The Chinese government tried covering it up, and soon realised they couldn't.
Basically the 'Chernobyl' of the 21st century.


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Now that the police have almost unheard of powers to stop people and send them home and maybe relieve them of some of their pocket money, it is worth a round of applause to Not the Nine O'Clock News for their prescient sketch from 1980, which can now be used for training purposes:



Could be a panic buying run on tin foil and body armour in the US now... probably best to use the right one for the right job though and not get the two mixed up. (1st & 3rd bullet points below)

What's happening elsewhere in the US?
  • Cable channel Fox Business has fired primetime television programme host Trish Regan after she claimed earlier this month the coronavirus crisis was a Democratic "scam" to impeach President Trump
  • A physician and assistant professor at the University of Connecticut has been arrested after he was accused of intentionally coughing on colleagues
  • The attorney general of Texas on Friday issued a legal opinion deeming gun stores "essential services" during the pandemic - firearm shops across the US have reported soaring sales thanks to Covid-19
  • The owner of a restaurant in Naples, Florida, is searching for a mystery customer who quietly left a $10,000 cash tip to help out staff
We are into week 4 of our self imposed lockdown (sort of)
WE started on the journey North from Portugal on the 5th March , and have tried to self isolate as much as possible
10 days in the camper with only the odd stop for supplies, fuel , and camping aires, overnight
Don't think that I have, but maybe have had a mild dose about a fortnight before then , one night high temperature , dry persistent cough , which went a bit mucous, headaches, and bad case of the trots which unfortunately I followed through , (twice) …. on my birthday , and our night out was cancelled for a few days
Felt like a bad cold , maybe a bit of man flu, and I have been taking paracetamol on and off
looking forward to being able to test if I have had it , we are needing to stay mobile , both inlaws are over 70 and told to stay home, and son has also been told to stay inside due to Crohnes, which has left him a bit at risk as well , so , shopping for them as well as ourselves
Actually not finding it too much of a bother , managing to rearrange my workshop, she is doing the spring clean , one room at a time , when she can bother her lazy arse, the TV is mostly switched off, and we get to see and speak to our kids and grandkids on facetime , so they aren't coming into the house and trashing it

Son has actually acknowledged that the majority of his income , over the last few years , has gone mainly onto eating out, and wasting it on films and entertainment, in fact he and his buddies went on the piss last night , on line and they all recon it was a decent night in ( miserable bastards could have invited me to join them)
Had a fking weird dream last night. All the eastenders actors were acting like they had the coronavirus..... Oh hang on......mental health issues incoming or what?


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