Coronation street

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Mariah passed a Mancunian slug of flesh....... then at the end during the music and names etc a womans voice said 'If you are affected by tonights story line contact this number'

    I called and said I thought it was silly that Street Cars use KIA as preferred vehicles but had more than made up for it by having a dead baby story line.
  2. They should have put Marias number up...I'd have consoled her... :twisted:
  3. I wish I had your lifestyles. Corrie. MDN - you've had your nuts removed at last haven't you? Your butch boyfriend has them as cufflinks.
  4. Well thats unlikely, you are poor and a crab therefore you won't be surrounded by pretty girls in Speedo swimsuits and heels
  5. You watched corrie?
  6. Only because you have the catalogue cut out and have stuck pics of heels on them.

    Or are you sat in a slum brothel full of immigrant hookers with Corrie on in the corner?
  7. Yes?

    You are green with envy aren't you
  8. You could be putting your time to better use rehearsing actions on hand-shandy. Corrie? Jeezus wept...
  9. Have you seen the crumpet that dwells in Coronation Strasse?
  10. NAAFI.

    Corrie thread.


    Sad fucking twat.

    He only watches it because Deirdre Langton is his mummy.
  11. Says the bloke who thraps into egg cups and necks them.

    Sorry was that a secret? :D

  12. No secret.

    I'm about to put the latest vid on youtube. ;)
  13. I sincerely hope you won't be putting any videos on Youtube........ mate, mucker.....pal

    Cnut :D
  14. Ha ha. You just reminded me. :D :D

    Start the bidding shitlips.........
  15. Could we have a future story line where David Platt converts to muslimness in jail and when he emerges, blows himself up in the rovers return