coronation street wer on it

one of the bomb squad seen leaving the gay blokes house doing his trousers up!!


I've seen another - the 1 Tp guys dont have any pies in their mitts.
What shouldve been:

Copper: 'Hello?'

RE SNCO: 'Hiya, Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal..'


Sorry.. I thought it funny.

So what was the device?

Looked like a mortar bomb to me. Not British, though.

Or was it? Could have been a 3", but I can't remember what the Corrie bomb looked like now.


Why the Airborne berets?


War Hero
With the recent letter bombs in the uk, the news featured the bomb disposal teams and they were on both occasions from the RLC bomb disposal unit. I didnt see corrie tonight so see what cap bade they were from.

Seriously..whats the difference between the bomb disposal units in RLC and RE???


RLC deal with terrorist devices and as a rule of thumb the Royal Engineers deal with air dropped ordnance over 50Kg, but both can do either if operationally necessary.

They were wearing para berets because they are from 1 Tp 49 Fd Sqn (EOD) which is part of 33 Engr Regt (EOD).
The biggest mistake in the episode must have been the Sappers being invited for a pint in the Rovers - then not being seen inside!


Given 1 Troops record its probably a good idea that they did not go - Hayley's grinner would have got drilled!
I would think that the RLC EOD Unit closest to Mancester would be called out first? Where are 1 Tp 49 Fd Sqn (EOD) based? Did not look much like 'over 50KG' to me! Cordon was a bit on the small side as well.

But what do I know!
Engrs are obviously better looking on camera.. which is why the RLC werent called out.

Wimbish'll be flowing with beer come the next happy hour..

Crated? I should think just a tad...
Any of the hairdressers get spit-roasted?

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