mac_uk said:
It's not difficult to find anyone, there are after all only about 30 people who live in cornwall and most of them are related
dude... its easter, there's thousands of uninvited people with caravans driving round looking lost because there is bends in the road and there is not 15 lane motorways everywhere
There is an easy method to find out who is Cornish, simply ask everybody to count to eleven using their toes as guides. The Cornish will be able to do this without starting from the first toe again.
mac_uk said:
Methinks me touched a nerve there

Why is a county as stunningly beautiful as Cornwall blighted by being full of the Cornish?

I think its because it is the last county in England where it is still legal to marry your sister and the only county in England where animal husbandry means something totally different than it does eveywhere else.

Diddle-ing ding ding ding ding dang ding, ahhh the sound of the banjo :)

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