Cornish Women...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by NaturalBornDriller, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Surely her dad or brother could help her? After all it is Cornwall??!!
  2. What a fucking fruit loop!!!

  3. 17 of her mates were pregnant, thats cornwall for you, fuck all to do but hump each other and push out worthless 11 toed fucking sprogs

    I once one night standed some cornish bint, house full of kids, lonely and desperate.She asked me what turned me on in a women, I said I like my ladies shaved up. She disappeared off and came back with a fucking skin head
  4. I have met very few people from Cornwall who haven't been utter twats. For a short time I even for a Cornish salvage company in Marazion. What a mind numbing experience that was.Thick, un-worldly, fuckwits the lot of them.

    Cornish cunts. All they seem to do is rave on about how different they are and define themselves by being not English which is just a fucking joke.
    40,000 Cornishmen can pull the clinkers from my hoop, the third world nobbers.
  5. Fucking TUSS.
  6. Wasn't that arrsehole who said he'd rather employ a convicted peodophile than an ex-British Soldier from Cornwall?
  7. I hope she gets an STD that leaves her with a barren fucking womb. For ever.
  8. What on earth is the matter with you lot! Shame on all of you and your manhoods!

    She isn't that bad at all, and way way better than the old Hag that still pesters me way too often!

    I know I'm clean and with powerful sperm, I would do her regular if I was in her neck of the woods. I'm happy to go halves in a bastard, no bother at all.
  9. Technically that was an offer.
  10. whats wrong with you all, i thought you'd be queing up to bash her gash
  11. Moral is if you meet a Cornish girl - any hole but the right one and you will be safe
  12. Why are you being such arseholes?
  13. ^ here we go.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    "sperm hunter"?
    Modern women and their fancy titles
    In my day it was just slag

    A bit thick going to a national newspaper no blokes going to fuck it now they know she's a bunny boiler