Cornish Minority Muppets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gundulph, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Cornish Nuggets! Stein and Oliver are the best thing to happen to Cornwall since Jamaica Inn!!!

    What a bunch of fcuk wits!

    Cornish Muppets
  2. I've been saying for years that if Cornwall wants independance, grant it.

    It is the most economically depressed county in England, and thats with the nation behind them. They'd be rebuilding the Tamar Bridge in about a month when we start putting the pinch on 'em.
  3. The thread of this thread is inaccurate.

    The fúckwits of Cornwall are not a local minority. They are by far the majority of that backward county. Not even the denizens of Norfolk can match them for the amount of inbreeding and bestiality.

    The Cornish are so thick that they even make the Welsh seem advanced and civilised.
  4. Knob!
  5. This has to be a publicity stunt.

    No one can be this stupid surely? Stein has been resident in Cornwall for years , contributing to the local economy and enploying Cornish folk.

    Does the CNLA or An Gof actually exist?

    Good grief it seems it does!

    However, we wish to make this point very clear: any attempts from hereon to fly the hated and oppressive Flag of St. George of England which we know as the blood banner in this our Country will result in direct action by our organization. For those who question our motives, we refer them to the events of 1497 and 1549 and the years of English Imperialistic repression which has followed. We shall not show the tolerance of those standing Vigil today and our action will be to remove and burn the flags of the English which may cause peripheral damage. An Gof 1497.
  6. Are the Cornish being recognised as a separate people in the UK? Or they just a part of English people?
  7. NB , Gundulph your title edited, it's CA after all....

    While this could spark an interesting debate on fringe Nationalism , please keep the derogatory and racist remarks out of the subsequent discussion please?


  8. Understood PTP, but please put the 'minority' back in the title as this is talking about a small number of idiots who must be stupid to be threatening two Famous, likeable Chefs who bring people from all over the World to their restaurants and on to the rest of Cornwall...
  9. agreed.

    dim problem taffridge ... the plebs often attempt to denigrate their betters ;)

    bobath, 'rydwi'n Cymraeg - 'dych i'n cenfigennus? :twisted:
  10. KGB, they're English, with a part of Spanish sailor, hence the Spanish "manjana" being a direct translation of the Cornish "Drekly."
  11. From wikipedia:
    In December 1980, a group calling themselves An Gof 1980 exploded a bomb at the courthouse in St. Austell. In January 1981, they claimed responsibility for a fire at a Penzance hairdressers (the business was mistaken for the Bristol and West Building Society)

    They cant even tell the difference between a building society and hairdressers!
  12. Is that so? That's why they leave the signs up which say grockles/emmits go home?
    The gog's do a nice line in burning holiday homes perhaps the CNLA should have a word.

    Edited to make sense.
  13. Screen covered in tea...... are they serious? :slow:

    Seems all those Kernow stickers I see might have more meaning than first thought, nothing wrong with pride in your heritage, but this is taking it too far. :roll:

    These break away groups really grip my sh1t, let them have economic independence if they want it and we in London will keep our subsidies paid to the rest of the country and then see how long they last. :pissedoff:

    It is bad enough with the Scots and Welsh having their own parliaments and two bites at the cherry now this lot :pissedoff:

    I suspect that most Cornish have the sense, like the Scots and Welsh to know which side their bread is buttered :roll:

    If you want independence have it, but make it total and don't come round here or the EU to prop you up. :roll:

    What next road signs in a dual language no doubt paid for by central government? :pissedoff:
  14. Cornwall is not separate in identity from the English in any way: they were in fact one of the first parts of the ancient petty/tribal kingdoms of the British Isles to form England. They seem desparate to be "individual" like a 14year old teenager. They are descended from Celts who came from western Europe around 1000BC (pushing out or intermingling with the Britons). However their own blood has been much more intermingled with that of the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Norse, Norman, etc than either the Scots or the Welsh, as the latter two resisted successfully the Roman Empire (the Welsh falling eventually but never being absorbed), and also resisted the post-roman invaders (even though one of our ancient kings, Alfred the Great is believed to have used Cornwall as his last redoubt before defeating the Saxons).

    Cornwall's flag (the black and white flag of St. Piran) is an ancient flag... but of Breton (where a number of immigrants to Cornwall came from). The flag was given to Pierre Mauclerc (Duke of Breton) by Pope Gregor IX in 1236. The first Cornish use of the flag is not documented until 1835.

    The Welsh (last remnants of the ancient Britons) are a true and separate people, as are the Scots.

    These 'freedom fighters' for Cornwall have the supplicants' syndrome; they receive large amounts of aid from the rest of England and in return hate the givers of the charity (because they are too stupid to face their own inadequacies). Like all little people who have an over-riding sense of self-hatred at their failings they blame 'the English' for all their ills. If they looked inward they might find that the failure of their economy has been caused by a reluctance to accept modern industries, and that London was not to blame for the crash of the price of tin or copper, or the phasing out of stone as a common building material.

    It is however one of the most beautiful counties of England. Apart from tourism I suspect that there will be little economic resurgence in Cornwall until its lines of communication with the rest of the UK are much improved.

    Cornwall has as much chance of becoming independant as I have of becoming Pope Weasle-Shagger III.
  15. Fair comment.

    Statistics show that Cornwall has more inbred people with webbed feet and 6 fingers than the whole of Wales.