Corned Beef....

Does anyone else get a metallic taste in the mouth, not unlike corned beef when running?

Im at a loss to know what it is, and i'm just learning to deal with it, but am concerned in case its a combat indicator of health issues etc.

Replies awaited,

I've been having a look around and it seems a lot of people have it and there are all kinds of theories popping up from what I'm reading from pollution to capillaries in the lungs going pop. From what I've read it's a common thing though and nobody seems to worry about it.

I'll tear up my biff chit. :(
ironeye said:
Lactic acid should be the answer
Sure? Lactic Acid usually starts in the legs before the mouth, and this happens irregularly, but always while exercising.

Actually, its only really when running, not cycling, swimming etc....
Praetorian said:
Actually, its only really when running, not cycling, swimming etc....
It's the same with the rest, they say it only happens whilst running and when they have been pushing theirselves, which to me includes going up a gentle incline, so mine could just be a simple heart attack really. :)
lactic acid is produced when there isnt enough oxygen to break down the glucose. It provides sustained energy for 2-3 minutes when doing an intense workout (where there is little oxygen for the breaking down) when the workout becomes less intense and oxygen more available it will provide continues energy.
As for where it appears in the body- it will produce where the muscles require the extra energy.
Hope this helps. spellings are all over the place but hopefulyl you get the idea
to the point of the taste, since glucose is being broken down by the acid it will leave a disticive taste in your mouth when your saliva(glucose) comes up
Could it be, and I am just floating ideas here, that you were eating a corned beef sandwich whilst running. I know, sounds stupid, but hey, if you don't ask the question .......

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