Corned Beef

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by spike7451, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    got this off a friend.

    Start in the morning……as this will take all day

    6# Corned Beef Brisket. One large one or several small ones it makes no difference.
    ¼ C black pepper corns
    10 bay leaves
    2 large onion cut in half
    1 head garlic
    6 ribs celery
    6 carrots
    4 12oz cans Guinness extra stout beer
    2 Tlb salt

    In a large stock pot add ingredients in this order. Salt, pepper corns, bay leaves, beef, garlic head, onion, celery, carrots and beer. Cover the ingredients with water to come 1 inch above ingredients. Bring to a simmer. Do not let boil. Cover and turn down to low. Cook 1 hour and turn off heat

    VERY IMPORTANT Let beef cool completely in broth.

    Remove beef and trim off all visible fat. You will be amazed how much there will be. Just keep cutting away until you come to a nice meat layer.

    Pitch the veggies and save broth to boil potatoes if you like.


    1 ½ cup brown sugar
    1 Tlb dry mustard
    2 Tlb apple brandy or apple juice

    Combine sugar and mustard and add liquid slowly. It should come to the texture of wet sand .Do not make it to wet

    Heat oven to 350. Well grease a rimed sheet pan or baking dish and lay the beef flat. Spread/pack glaze over beef and bake until glaze becomes sticky. About 30 minutes.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Once you try this you may never be able to go
  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    well my friend who sent it me,she's Americal (fit looking too! :D )
  3. Try this, very simple but great.

    Corned Beef Pie

    1 Large Onion
    2 Tins Cored Beef
    2 cloves Garlic
    Cracked black pepper
    Short crust pastry (ready mix stuff is OK)

    Finely chop the onion and add to a bowl with garlicand corned beef. Mix well. Line a 10" pie dish with the pastry, add the mixture and cover the whole thing with the remaining pastry. wash the top etc.

    180 degree for 25 mins.

    Excellent hot or cold and I always most of it for lunch for several days (Uf I make enough)

    You can ad anything you want but it's tasty enough as it is.

    I know this sounds a bit easy and obvious and possibly a bit like a Wah, but try it.
  4. This is very easy and tasty: (And pretty foolproof, no complicated instructions).

    Corned beef hash:

    Fry one sliced onion in some olive oil until soft. Then in the same pan, add half a dozen small to medium potatoes (peeled and diced) and a couple of carrots (sliced) and fry those for 5 mins. Add enough chicken or beef stock to cover (just use bouillion cubes) and boil for a while. When all the vegetables are soft, break in some corned beef, about 2 small cans will do. Heat through thouroughly.
    Now pour off any excess liquid, leaving about a cup full or so.

    Smash the whole thing up with a wooden spoon until it's reasonably broken up, but still slightly chunky. Season with salt and pepper.

    You can either eat it straight away with dollops of brown sauce on top (essential), or leave it to cool, then re-fry it all up in a heavy frying pan. (It's even better fried up for breakfast once it's sat in the fridge for a night).
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    even simpler -

    Corned Beef Sandwich

    you will need -
    4 rounds of fresh Warburtons Toastie
    Corned Beef (duh)
    Sliced onion
    Salt & Pepper
    Worcester Sauce

    butter the bread, add slices of corned beef and onion. salt and pepper to taste, and then slather on worcester sauce. add the second layer of bread, and hoof with a big glass of your favourite cold bevvy.
  6. I find that a dry hash is better, fry onions and potatoes as above, add corned beef, stir in together, leave on a moderate heat to develop a slight crust turning every now and then. You can add garlic or fresh chillies to this just to give it a bit of a zing. Serve on a plate with a couple of fried or lightly poached eggs on top for that bit extra.
  7. If you toss the leftovers in flour, punch with fists until realively flat, , cut into round cakes and heat on a dry griddle turning once. When cool you will have corned beef hash potato breads to fry or grill as you wish.
  8. [align=center]If you're lovers of proper english cornbeef then you want to try my mate Ven's cornbeef and tattie pie.
    They rule and are a stable part of any party we have as it pie goes rather well with a TIIIMMMAAAAAAAAY (a what you're wondering well it's vodka and redbull jd and coke mixed together try it and you'll be surprised) can't have a drinking session without one.. :D [/align]
  9. Okies here is my recipe for Corned beef Hash

    Corned beef
    Stock generally beef oxo

    Peel and slice potatoes thinly
    Peel and slice Onions thinly
    Slice corned beef into chunky slices

    Place in a large dish layers of potatoes, onions and corned beef until you finish off with a final layer of potatoes.
    Cover with beef stock
    Cover with tin foil
    Bake in oven for 1 1/2 hours gas mark 6 or eleci 200
    For the last half an hour remove tinfoil to allow tatties on top to brown
    Serve with tomato sauceand chunky bread.
    Goes well with beer.
  10. Corned Beef Kiwi style.

    Either Corned beef brisket or corned silverside (silverside is better)
    1 onion
    2 bay leaves
    golden syrup

    Get a big pot, whack the meat in it, add onions and bayleafs, pour in the water, enough to cover the meat, put a big dollup of golden syrup in the water and 1/4 to a 1/2 a cup of vinegar.

    Bring to the boil and simmer for three and a half to four hours.

    Serve with Potatoes, pumpkin and greens.

    The dish is traditionally accompanied by a Mustard Sauce. If you want to do this then you'll need:

    1 egg
    1 tablespoon flour
    2 teaspoons mustard powder
    1 cup of the corned beef stock
    salt and pepper.

    Beat egg and put into a saucepan, add flour and mustard, gradually stir in stock (bit of a twat to do, careful you dont end up with scrambled egg) Cook over a low heat until it thickens, salt and pepper to taste. You can add sugar if you want but the stock with the golden syrup in should be sweet enough.
  11. with chips and with salad....

    even buckingham palace eats corned beef......

    why dont try some corned beef hassssssssshhhhhh!!

    Pheonix Nights.... Genius
  12. Yesterdays left over mashed spud
    1 tin of corned beef
    1 small onion.

    Chop onion and fry until soft
    Mash corned beef and potato togethe
    Place in frying pan with onion, mix together
    Fry till crispy brown on the underneath

    serve up with brown sauce.



    Boil and mash some potatoe's
    Slice corned beef and grill till crispy
    Open a tin of scotch broth soup and heat

    Put spuds and corned beef on plate
    Pour soup over

  13. Corn beef hash.

    1. Get issued Menu B.
    2. Tick.
    3. Try to swap your breakfast meal with your mate who has burger an beans from the last EX.
    4. Get knocked back.
    5. Tick.
    6. Eat Corned Beef Hash at 06:30 while piss wet thorough, smothering every mouthful in tabasco.
    7. Tick.
    8. Get replend that evening. With menu B.
    9. Tick.....