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Corneal Transplant

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but after going through about 100 posts on eye problems I gave up looking. I had an eye infection in Basic training that left me with scarred cornea in my right eye. I have manage to scrape passes in my APWT and APWA over the last 7 years but only with the aid of a SUSAT on SA80. Problem is my new unit is only issued with iron sights when not on tour and I know for a fact I would fail a APWT. I am going to speak to an Opthalmologist on Monday about a Corneal Transplant as after all these years there have now been no re-occurances of teh infection. I am guessing there will be a period of downgrading after the surgery if it goes ahead but does anyone know how long this would be. I know these questions should be answered next week but being prepared for it will help.

Cheers in advance
How bad is the scar? An ophthalmologist might suggest PTK - phototherapeutic keratectomy. Blat some of it away but try and keep the shape the same. Might be an option. A transplant is a huge step - trying to stitch something in place and keep the optics spot on.........and then there's the curve of the donor. If you have a (say) 45D cornea right now, and everything is roughly in focus, would a donated one be the same? You might not be high on any list if you can get by binocularly.

I know someone who had PTK and it worked, but you need to speak to a specialist.


Oh, and note to patrol medics - carry a tube of Brolene. Big squirt in if there's a problem precisely to avoid this problem.
The scarring is like a branched lightening strike across the cornea leaving really bad blurring. I was able to read the bottom line of an opticians board before without any problem but now struggle to get down to the 4th/5th line. I can get by mostly binocularly but my job is a tech in the REME fixing optical instruments. (Ironic I know). I am left eye dominant and the sight in that eye is perfect (can read the bottom of the optician chart no problem) but I sometimes get headaches when working with small parts in instruments for too long and its hard to tell if the bino's I fix are ok with my own eyes and have to rely on the collomator and looking through one eyepiece at a time with my good eye.

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