Corneal Mapping

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FatBoyGeorge, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. One for any opticians in here, or anybody else in the knowledge.

    Can the lasers used to map cornea's cause any damage themselves? I had half a dozen blasts in one eye back in June and I'm sure my sight has got worse since then.

  2. used to be a dispensing optician mate,
    technically there is no reason for the scanning laser to have damaged your eye in any way, however as with all strong lights and with all human beings there is no definitive as to what extent of effects will be felt.
    The longitude of time elapse suggests a look introspectively at your habits and daily life, E.G. more TV, longer hours at work, more reading, bad light whilst reading, stressful life style, to much time on ARRSE, active lifestyle, sports injury, army training, long hours in a helmet and body armour, or indeed your age and the march of time, are only a few of the factors which can lead you to believe you have poorer vision than before.
    my only true advice is go to your MO or better local optician ask for an eye test and talk through your perception of loss of vision, they will then naturally look to your eyes health as well as you vision, it should only take about half an hour and the reasurance you seek will be given to you.
    hope it helps H-S
  3. Might it be that the reason you were getting it mapped explains why it has got worse?
  4. I was getting mapped anyway as part of a medical. No reason apart from that the recruiting process required that I have it done.