Cormorants ability to provide NEC!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by QinetiQ, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Ive been given a little project to complete, by my YofS.

    What is Cormorants ability to provide NEC?

    If anyone has any information or know where to get information from it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have loads of information on NEC but not where cormorant fits into it.

  2. NEC?

    Just done my Cormorant course, so I might be able to help.
  3. Network Enabled Capability
  4. I know a few people who work on the contract. Try the link below. If you don't get the help you need after explaining who you are then PM me and I might be able to put you in touch with someone.

    If it's more general information you're after, cut and paste the following text into google and a UK sites search!

    cormorant communications -bird -birds -hotel -"cormorant -communications"
  5. cheers bits, but ive looked at most articles on the subject and ive also got Cormorant CONOPs which has great detial. However im just struggling to fit it all into place and how it goes along with NEC. Basically the i need information on cormorant network ability to command.

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. Since NEC is a concept rather than a physical thing (and one that nearly no-one fully understands, nevermind could explain clearly) it sounds like what you're after is a conceptual justification rather than technical detail. Is your YofS asking you to write a technical piece or to explain at a conceptual level? I'll see what I can do, but the chaps I know work on the technical side.

    It might be worth contacting RSS and asking for their help, since the instructors there would surely be the best placed to explain how future systems enhance NEC in terms of the conceptual model. From my imperfect understanding of the NEC concept, an equipment cannot 'provide NEC', but can only enhance capability through improving the effectiveness of the interrelated or 'networked' relationship between people, procedures and equipment. Please correct me if I have got this wrong!!!
  7. Its talking like that which really helps me out, its trying to understand that its a concept rather than a physical facility that i am trying to get my head round, never mind write about. However your information as it is really helped.

  8. QinetiQ,

    Is this project:

    a. one set by your Yeoman to see if you are up to a particular standard


    b. a question set your Yeoman by your CO that he hasn't the whit nor will to answer.
  9. Glad it helps. Try this as a starter for 10:

    As I understand it, NEC, or network enabled capability, is a conceptual model to help us understand the importance of the relationship or 'network' between our people, procedures and equipment. The network it describes is not a bunch of networked systems all capable of talking to each other, although for obvious reasons if all our systems were capable of that it would greatly enhance our capabilities to communicate and hence C2 would be made easier. The network in NEC is about joining everything up - people, procedures and equipment - in one big coherent system, and so NEC is all about making ourselves ever more efficient and capable in the process. So it seems like your YofS is asking you to explain (at a semi-technical level) how Cormorant helps take us one step closer to NEC (at a conceptual level).

    I'm wasted on the army, I should have been a school teacher!!! :)
  10. Very interesting to read on the...

    Site about all the new kit out there.

    Mind I do think those who write the page might need a heads up on their terminology.

    I really don’t think that Mr Keating Jr. would take to or like the phraseology...

    “is extensively used to multiplex “. Re his Promina kit...


    A. It doesn’t. “In the traditional sense of the term”. I know it does “support TDM and ISDN and all the rest ATM /IP (if you like to Scream and Shout) but it is not a multiplexer”. ” In the traditional sense of the term”

    B. How come the Army is calling it Promina. Been called by its new names for over 5 years.


    C. The Army is buying OLD (COTS)... God forbid.

    Also I do know that all those terms were found on the NET web page....

    I also have a link to this site; it must be true as it’s on the web...
  11. BoD??? Thats why the voice channels still continue take up a major chunk of the Bandwidth and I get whinged at for logging onto subversive websites (ARRSE). Yep we really needed that Active Directory syncrhonisation
  12. QinetiQ,

    Check yer PM's
  13. hmmmmmm

    Network - Everything sharing - Never gonna happen

    Enabled - Run by civilians - Won't ever work

    Capability = Zero
  14. Isn't it a pity that some people are just so cynical they are happy to sit in the past, p1ssing their pants and muttering "humbug"

    Rather than griping all the time why don't you do your little bit to at least attempt to approach the vision. I am now in the Defence Industry but I don't forget who, ultimately, I am working for (and it's not DPA, DEC, Cust 1 or 2, it's the troops on the ground) therefore I bang on about this subject often to my collegues who sometimes forget. I may be considered subversive but I have the right interests at heart.

    Going back to the NEC - don't get hung up about it just being to do with networks, it's not. NEC is a vehicle to guide the coherent integration of sensor, weapon,
    decision-maker and support capabilities. The GCN vision forms the network element of the NEC.
  15. Chris..........My old fromage miester......I don't sit in the past........I just feel that to get where NEC wants to be, we are starting from the wrong place.
    And too many key system which would be needed to be intergrated for this to work will not be due to a SCIF mentality at the product/information delivery level.