Hi. I keep getting a message telling me that the corefoundation.dll is missing from my comp.
I have tried to find it on interweb and checked the registry but keeps popping up every start up.
Can someone help get this back on my comp please.

Missing dll. A common complaint.

What Operating system are you using?

If windows based, any downloaded .dll file (goes into the system 32 folder)

I think this .dll (dynamic library link) is based on Apple products, so your best bet is to uninstall whatever you had installed prior to this problem and then reinstall it.

Plenty of info on downloading dlls on the internet, and if you want to go down the download route, I would advise that you read the download instructions carefully.

Let me google that for you
Im running on windows 7 (i think x86?)

It must be an apple thing as itunes has deleted all apps and contacts on my iphone.
Some apple sync thing message appears too.
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