Core Zone Defence - A Key Policy

Sir Jock Stirrop, Chief of the Defence Staff unveiled his new ‘Core Defence’ policy today hailing it as the first economical and workable defence plan in 300 years.
At the heart of this plan is the so-called Red Zone of ‘applied wastage’.
“We have looked at the land we have to defend here in the UK, the type of terrain, the population density, and its productive value in terms of GDP as well as some other factors. We know that we can’t, realistically, defend the entire UK so we have to look at what we can effectively defend and what the consequence of failure to defend would bring. We have basically zoned out most of Wales, sparing just a small enclave around Cardiff, because it has a low density of population and is a rather wet and miserable place anyway. We don’t have a serious mining industry anymore and I think we can do without Pot Noodles and the DVLA. Similarly with much of Scotland there is little to defend and little of worth above Stirling. Far better to withdraw into the core zone and use tactical nuclear weapons to deny ground to any possible invader.”
Asked what about the Scottish nuclear submarine fleet Sir Jock reminded journalists that it may be based in Scotland but it is not a Scottish fleet and that the fleet would be housed in two smaller nuclear bases to be built in Newcastle and Hull. Apparently both Cities need the work and the sailors like the local ‘ladies’ so it’s a win/win situation. Sir Jock further enthused.
“The Core Zone is our greatest hope for defending our nation against invasion. Our Air Force will have a neatly packaged fly zone that mainly covers populated areas and our Army will be able to move around at speed on proper roads and with road signs in English. Our Navy will have far less territorial water to worry about and wont be losing lives defending real estate no self respecting person would want anyway.”
The new Core Zone is expected to slash Defence costs and free up much needed cash for in-theatre requirements in Afghanistan. Work is due to start on withdrawing key assets within the new Core Area at the beginning of 2010.

"Core Zone Defence" a new strategy.

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