Core Muscle Exercises

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RTFQ, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ


    My running posture has got into bad habits. I want to include my core muscles in my training plan. Due to the fact that tequila and loud music have played a greater part in my lifestyle than KIMMs and daily 10milers of late, I can only remember the following core muscle exercises:

    Sit Ups/Crunches
    Press ups
    V Sits
    Supermen (or whatever they're called)

    Can anyone add to my list? Also, are any low impact (recovering from injury) activities particularly useful for developing core muscles. Please don't say cycling or swimming as cycling is dull and makes you impotent and if I wanted to drink 3 pints of chav-brat p1ss daily, I'd suck the urinal biscuits from the local comprehensive school - it tastes better.

    Thank you
  2. I'm not sure what a few of the exercises you've mentioned are, they are probably the same thing under a different name, but dips off a chair have always been pretty good for triceps.
  3. If you can get your self one of those poncey big exercise balls, they can be really good, but it does help if someone can show you the exercises.

    Crunches/ Sit ups are ok - try doing them with your legs bent at 90 degrees resting on a chair, this will relax your hip flexors.
    Also concentrate on the side of the abs (transverse abdominis)- you can exercise these best on the ball but also if you stand up, take a weight in each hand - keep you arms down by your side & bend sideways keeping you body inline (ie not bending forward or back)
    Dorsi raises or Back Raises are good for the core aswell as strengthing the lower back ( i think they are the super mans you were talking about) - lying on your front & lifting up your head & shoulders - contracting your back muscles?!

    The Plank - Get in to the pressup position except with your elbows & forearms on the floor at 90 degrees -instead of your hands, keep your body in a straight line & hold that position for the Max amount of seconds you can & repeat as much as you like. this one is great for all the core muscles.

    Doing things like lunges & squats are good. If you can de-stabalize the movement this will increase their work on the core. ie, doing squats on a trampet or a cushion. & the lunges with your back leg resting on something behind ie a chair or bench?!
  4. RTFQ


    board_surfin, thanks - top advice. The plank! knew I was forgetting one, cheers mate. I'm so bored at work that I'm slowly building a swiss ball out of rubber bands, should be ready in a couple of months.
  5. awesome! i do like those balls - just think they are abit poncey! they are really good if you can get one. If you want anymore give me a shout & ile think some more up for you!
  6. Burpees. They are great for general strength but are quite high impact so may not suit your needs.
  7. board_surfin has got a point get one of those swiss balls, they help no end with core stabilty. Also you can just sit on them watching the tv or reading and you'll be working out your core muscles. I know it sounds stupid but I sit on it for a good 20mins and constantly try and keep my feet off the ground, the movement of trying to keep your balance really works out ALL of your core muscles in a really natural way. Although I would recommend not doing this whilst having a drink in your hand...... Bad bad mistake.

    Other variety of crunches for core is to do reverse crunches, lay on your stomach, toes on the floor, finegrtips touching ears and slowly raise your chest off the ground, only by a couple of inches (v good for the back), to make it harder have your arms outstretched in front of you. But remember when doing these to keep your head and neck in a straight line and keep looking down at the floor as you raise up. Also try leg raises for lower abs. Lay on your back with legs in the air, arms and hands flat on the floor by your side and slowly lift your bum off the ground by a inch or two to raise your legs up. control the up and down movements as much as poss. this tones up the bottom of your abs just before the groin area.

    The Plank is also a top core strengthener. And at the risk of sounding completely girlish you could try some Pilates moves, I know it's reputation is all airy fairy nowadays but it was invented as a core strenghtener for boxers and ballet dancers (and gods knows they have tight muscles!) it might be worth looking into that if your serious about getting good core stability.

    Low impact besides swimming and cycling has to be walking, make it more difficult by carrying weights. But swimming is the best and you get to tone up your core at the same time if you do crawl -sorry
  8. Speaking as a reforming fat bloke, I have found that crunches of both types work great, though I don't normally bother with those ball thingies. It's meant that I am moving pretty swiftly from having had a gut I could rest a beer can on to a lovely flat abdomen.

    One of the other things that I have found helps is do "the Hover" at least once a day.

  9. Hilter that's the plank!
  10. RTFQ


    flowers, in her ignorance, wrote:

    I'm not doubting that it is good core-strength exercise, I'm not even denying in was made by a boxer, or that ballerinas are fit and strong. I'm even sure pilates would broaden my outlook on life and allow me to meet people and exchange views that challenge my own.

    I am not, however, going to enrole for a f.ucking pilates class.

    Now, if I could have sensible suggestions, preferably involving breeze blocks, frozen beef carcasses or logs, I'd be grateful.

    Same goes for freggin Yoga, modern tap or combat origami. I may be slightly off match fitness, but I'm still a steely eyed dealer of death from above, not a stylist from Aberystwyth. At least, that's what i keep telling myself.
  11. I did think it was a long shot when I typed it but at the risk of sounding like a petulant child, isn't the plank a pilates move....

    But point taken though RTFQ, I shall keep my trap shut then unless I'm suggesting Rocky style bronx gym abs exercises :oops:

  12. RTFQ


    ^only joking girl
  13. Good because I can see you more as a Tommy Gun type than Rocky... :-D
  14. Remind me, exactly, as to the typical gender makeup of a Pilates class? Hmmmm - get to the advanced classes quickly, and you'll be the only bloke in a room full of fit women with good, err, core stability...
  15. RTFQ


    Yes, and I can be their gay mate from pilates, or they can introduce me to their single mates as RT:

    -Rach, this is RT
    -Oh Hi RT!
    -Ooooh, how continental! How do you know Gwyneth?
    -Erm...I go to her Pilates class.
    -But I'm really in the army
    -Yeah, I have medals and I look really good in uniform.
    -I'm going to go now RT, nice to meet you. Ooh, David, have you met RT?