Core Helmet and Body Armour

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by brave-coward, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Gentlemen (and ladies if any),

    Could somebody tell me which of the (to my knowledge) three helmet types in circulation (Mk 6, 6A and 7) is now in core (i.e. not UOR/issued for operations only)?

    Likewise, what is the core body armour? I believe that OSPREY in all of its many guises remains UOR but have a notion that ECBA may now have moved into core.

    I'm trying to figure out what I should have on my flick and what I can hand back.


  2. Ask your QM. My thoughts are you should hand it all back. If they wanted something essential and a potential security issue, they would tell you directly
  3. You are supposed to hold some items of PPE so I can't just hand it all in, I also suspect that I'm supposed to have exchanged some of it.
  4. Nowt wrong with a couple of buckshee's here and there
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  5. I read some stuff on Dii saying the 6A is now the core, 7 is still UOR, but no mention of Body armour. Although some units recently are coming back from Afghan with their own Osprey
  6. Osprey is issued to the individual onto their 1157 Signature (including soft armour and small plates) on the HERRICK initial issue. If you look on defence intranet, you will see the most units training around the world (on return from tour) are wearing Osprey with DPM clothing.
  7. If you've got a mk 7 helmet I think that's yours to keep. A couple of lads who I know came back from h13 and went to hand in the mk 7 and the QM wouldn't give them a mk 6 back so they kept the mk 7. Don't know if it's because they where TA lads but I've seen a few lads cutting around with mk 7's lately so maybe if you've been given one it's yours to keep? Although I do know that osprey is UOR.
  8. My Mk 7 is mine to keep on my 1157 but the Osprey I got once in theatre so AFAIK i t's getting handed back before I leave theatre
  9. I don't think helmets can be reissued once they've been used can they? Therefore there's no point taking them off anyone when their tour finishes. Body armour's not worn next to the skin so it can be washed and handed on.
  10. The Osprey outer is C Class, next to skin item. The soft armour can obviously be washed
  11. We kept Mk7's when we got back from H13 but handed in Osprey. I beleive the Regiment kept the osprey on their books, however I saw a few lads wearing it on exercise recently so maybe they issue it out as and when needed.
  12. Cheers guys, as always things are clearly more complicated than they initially appear.
  13. Recently in 16X we got told that all ECBA was to be returned post op H13 and Soldiers were to keep the most up to date and servicable helmet on their flick.

    Do you really want more cack than you need to at home?

    Return it to the clothing store and ensure you sign an electronic receipt voucher 1033.
  14. Should I have handed my Puttees in?.