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I'm having a hell of a job finding Corcoran boots in the UK.
When I attended the annual End of WWII bash in 1980 (but it could have been 1981, I'm not sure now) I made friends with a delightful Septic called Matt, who positively drooled over my ammo boots, which I'd spent a lot of time on for the occasion - including bulling the leading edges of the heels!.
As he had "lickle feets" like me (US - size 7; UK - size 6; EU - size 39), we agreed to swop boots. I gave him my prized ammos and he gave me his hardly-worn black Corcoran jump boots.
In the meantime, I've had them soled and heeled at least a half-dozen times, but the backstrap and the insteps are really badly cracked now and I'd very much like to get a new pair, since I think they're the dog's danglies.
My problem is, I can't find any distributors in the UK or the ROI. Has anybody got any ideas, short of importing them from America?



Perhaps try Soldier of Fortune.
They do mainly modern kit for the Brit soldier, but I had a mate when I was in cadets who liked to just pick up whatever he could from whatever era, and I remember him getting some older American stuff from them...
Hi mate. Was in Kirkby Lonsdale at the weekend and there was a army surplus store there selling them for £150 Only had 7.5, 8.5 and 10. Im sure they can order them. There is a website tho, but it sends from the states.
My mate got the shops e mail addy. If you want it let me know.
I suppose after 5 1/2 years from the original post he must of got himself a pair ;0)
But they're probably worn out by now, so he might want another new pair !!
I suppose after 5 1/2 years from the original post he must of got himself a pair ;0)
Most probably bulling up another pair of ammo boots in the hope of another barter deal.
Though, waiting for septic jump-trained leprechaun with a perverse penchant for drill maybe more of an issue.
Good to see that S'mans are still taking the p*ss.
His last post on here was at 01-05-2010 @ 22:59 hrs could it be those boots don't get to ' Jump ' no more ....... eeek !
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