Corby is too white

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Is British analog of Kosovo, possible? For example - Independent Islamic Republic of Midlands?
  2. This was also reported in the Metro - quite extraordinarily stupid! Corby is a deprived town apparently and needs the jobs - so why on earth move them? Leicester can have other jobs surely without making nicking them off another area
  3. I await the ministers response with interest - until then I remain to be convinced about the veracity of the letter
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sergey -

    I'd be interested to know - what was the ethnic makeup of Kosovo around 100 years ago, and what it is now? I presume that there has been a startling swing towards the Albanians, but why? It can't be solely due to NATO responding to bloody clever albanian propaganda (altohugh I'm sure tht this didn't help)?
  5. Given this goverment and my experience of Leicester and Derby city council, this doesn't suprise me.

    Corby's semi-rural and out of the way in a sense, it wouldn't shock me in the least if this wasn't motivated by convenience on the part of certain Leicester councilors.
  6. Not another breakaway faction. It was bad enough with just the 'People's Republic of South Yorkshire'.

    F*cking madness. Then again, maybe the true intention is for them to exploit cheap immigrant labour.
  7. Corby was extremely white or the last time I was there as people with ginger hair do not tan very easily.

    There probably as many Scots in Corby as there are English running tearooms in Argyll and Bute.

    And that's plenty.
  8. Corby is one of the most deprived areas in the UK and has terrible social problems. I think losing any jobs will be a bad blow to the area.
  9. Corby is only 20 miles away from Leicester, the remarks about lack of suitable staff may be true. The East Midlands has had a mini brain drain since the coal/steel industries closed. I believe most of my six form mates have now left the area.
  10. Ah, Corby, home of the trouser press. No wonder it's predominantly white Anglo Saxon.
  11. Wasn't it one of the coalfields in the Midlands?

  12. Steelworks (80's?), closed leaving 11000 unemployed and 30% unemployment rate
  13. You are right dear OldSnowy, contribution of NATO was modest one. There were 80% of Albanians in Kosovo before the war. Now it is 90%.

    Once Kosovo was a centre of Serbian world.

    So 100 years ago the Albanians became a majority in Kosovo.

    [quore]In 1910, an Albanian uprising spread from Priština ... at that time Serbs have consisted about 40% of the whole Vilayt of Kosovo's overall population
    The greatest part of Kosovo became a part of Italian-controlled Fascist Albania, and smaller bits by the Nazi-Fascist Tsardom of Bulgaria and Nazi German-occupied Kingdom of Serbia. Since the Albanian Fascist political leadership had decided in the Conference of Bujan that Kosovo would remain a part of Albania they started an ethnic cleansing campaign of the non-Albanian population in the Kosovo
    In the 1970s, an Albanian nationalist movement pursued full recognition of the Province of Kosovo as another Republic within the Federation, while the most extreme elements aimed for full-scale independence.
    The ethnic balance of Kosovo witnessed unproportional increase as the number of Albanians tripled gradually rising from almost 65% to over 80%, but the number of Serbs barely increased and dropped in the full share of the total population from some 25% down to 10%.[/quote]

    The cause of Albanian ethnical expansion is very simple: high birth rate in Muslim Albanian families. villages with mixed population step by sptep became purely Albanian. The Serbs prefer to flee as white French fled from some Paris suburbs. And I fancy the same processes took place in some parts of the UK.

    As for British analog of Kosovo... just wait.
  14. As Polar has said, it had a large steelworks. So large that there is a large Glaswegian population situated there, in darkest Northamptonshire.
    Its quiet disconcerting to hear such a bizarre accent (hybrid Glasgae/Northampton Burr) in somewhere so far from Scotland.

    Most of the people from Corby you'll ever meet try really hard to tell you they're jocks. Theres a terrible alcohol problem in the area and has the alcohol related deaths statistics to boot.

    I remember a few years ago, a gang of 11 year old girls kicked one of their mates to death. Thats the kind of place ot is.
  15. According to the 2001 Census, there were 10,064 Scottish-born in the Corby Urban Area - 18.9 per cent of the population. A further 1.3 per cent was born in Northern Ireland. It has been estimated that two thirds of the population are Scottish or of Scottish descent.

    Can't get much whiter.