Coral Bay ,Cyprus ...any good?

Ive been asked to go on a family holiday , Coral Bay ,Cyprus , boring as f_kc or okay?
In 1989 it was cracking. No big hotels, local fishermen ginving you the freshest fish meze ever and very kind people.
And a beach and surroudings to die for.

Now: great big ugly hotel right on the sand dunes overlooking the beach and fukcing russians everywhere.

Cyprus - an Island destroyed by a quick rouble. Kukcing choggie tossers.


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it was OK 14 years ago. there is a good chance it's changed a bit since then
Drove through last week. A relatively decent strip of usual bars/scoff places, however as others have already mentioned, plenty of fat, rich Russians mincing around.


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So not safe for teenagers ?

most of the teenagers there will be available to hire by the hour if the Russian 'business men' are in the area.
I've just got back from a week away in Cyprus, in fact we stopped in a hotel only a couple of k's south of Coral Bay. November's a great time in Cyprus, not too many tourists - but everything is still open.

Ditto to the 'gen regarding the Russians.

However I did quite fancy banging out a couple of the pushy twats in Pafos, who tried to usher us into their shitty little restaurants.