Cor! never mind free speech!! an English mans castle...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Sorry if this has been cover before, couldn't find anthing on it.

    Stand by for a criminal record and 500 quid fine if one

    "intentionally obstructs" Valuation Office Agency inspectors in their effort to record details of millions of homes

    Basic outline

    "Last month the Sunday Telegraph revealed how ministers planned to levy extra charges on homes that have a nice view, a swimming pool, a tennis court or a balcony, as well as those in conservation areas, next to a golf course or with more bedrooms or a bigger garden than average.

    These "value significant features" could push a house into a higher council tax band in a nationwide revaluation, which is due to be completed by 2007. This could cost householders hundreds of pounds extra in council tax each year."

    So you pay a premium for a balcony, view, garden, nice location and the Government pop round say thats a bit too flash and jack up your council tax!

    This is after Brown has pulled the plug on the SIPPs (sp) scheme of pensions in property

    Moving to France has never looked so good

    I'm not massively clever on these topics, perhaps someone could enlighten me, from where I'm stood it all looks bad

  2. The annoying thing is that if you have a nice view then you probably live in the country and therefore get absolutely cr@p council services compared to the towns - who said NuLab had abandoned the idea of redistributive taxation?
    Perhaps we should do what they used to do in the USSR, decide how much space each person needs for living in and then wall up any rooms in houses that have more space.
  3. So you have to take a day off work to let the 'inspector' in or face a £500 fine. Hope that said inspector is better than than the gas / delivery man who will turn up sometime tomorrow ... maybe.

    Doubtless also in true New-Brown fundraising fashion, there will be no right of appeal and the inspectors will get paid on commission. Watch out for a large number of properties coming in just above the council tax limits.


  4. Sounds like another stalinist money grab from the greedy fifer. Two in a month, he must be raking in the cash! :roll:
  5. The Police need a warrant to gain entry yet some low grade public servant can wander in any time. Sooner this pack of marxizt lite bureaucrats are voted out the better.
  6. Ironic, we've just had something similar up here in North Norway. The council sent round forms with what they thought your property consisted of (size, type of house etc.). You then had to confirm or correct the details and send in the form. Later a surveyor would do an external inspection and from that the council will determine the level of council tax.
    Not unsurprisingly it's being seen as a way of increasing tax, the politicos naturally deny this but no one believes a f***g word the lying bar stewards say anyhow. We'll have to wait and see what the bill is next year.
    I think one reason for this is to do with the skyrocketing property prices in Tromsø (highest in norway). so if you paid say 100 grand for your house 10 years ago it could easily be worth 3 or 4 hundred grand now. Nice opportunity for the council to suck a few more shekels out of the great unwashed by basing tax rates on current market value. C***s

    Still, overall i think my council tax rates are lower than the average in blighty, they include water and sewerage too. Think it's something like 1200 quid a year, split in 2 half yearly bills.
  7. I think there are several other organisations who have (almost) automatic access to any property: Gas and Fire for a start - without permission and they can use force. The BBC Licensing people (who tend to concentrate on barracks and the like rather than Mandela Mansions in Peckham...).

    I also seem to recall that the MOD Police have absolute right of access if they believe that the security of the State is compromised - something to do with the guarding of nuclear sites.

    The Social Security bods seem to think they have a God-given right of access, too!

  8. This is unbelievable. Currently you can not 'own your view', therefore if the golf course was dug up and a hideous block of flats built in its place...I take it the gov't will now be compensating the owner. Usual having cake and eating it from the gov't.
  9. I think when this story first broke (about a month ago?) it was revealed to be the usual Fourth Estate load of cr@p about nothing. I have been on the receiving end of a revaluation (and a band increase, the bar-stewards! :evil: ). Council housing officials DON'T have a general right of entry, nor do they need one for revaluation. The only reason they need to enter properties is if they think there is fraud (over the number of rooms declared), or if areas of the property are let or are seperately owned (ie flats). The only officials that I KNOW have automatic right of entry without a warrent are HSE inspectors and police officers in certain restricted circumstances. I think Environmental Health officials also have certaain rights of entry as well.

    The idea of a 'taxing' views and amenities was banded around as an idea from a think tank and was rapidly droopped because of the out-cry. The Government have been effectively taxing areas that are generally 'nicer' by restricting the grants to the local authorities anyway, and have been doing so for years!