Cor Blimey!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by expara202, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. I never said I was a member, only I was considering the idea of looking to switch my vote.

    You locked the debate. Kind of answers my question.


  2. You see - this is the problem.

    I am neither a nazi or a racist. I have many a "foreign" friend. I served with a fair few and would have died with them if need be.

    But politically, this country is a mess and whilst I do not agree on the so called colour ban within the BNP they do represent more for me than any other party, but by supporting them I am treated like an outcast, hounded from my job, spat at in the street and called a bloody nazi.

    This is wrong!

    (oh, and you lock topics to avoid debate, and no doubt I will banned now)!
  3. And there is the same tired old line of the frustrated recruiter.

    And the same dares and challenges and paranoia much beloved of the BNP posters.
  4. That's a fair one, I suppose. If we can have a debate with KevinB about SF/IRA (and on a British Army website, that's discussion terrain liberally seeded with landmines), why not with this neo-Nazi? It could prove interesting.

  5. Maybe shift it into the Int Cell and see how it runs?
  6. Pongo,

    What are you talking about? What is your problem?
  7. I'm clearly on the wrong website!

    Someone told me it was an ex British army forum. Fuck me you lot are about as ex-service as I am ex-bananarama!
  8. First visit to Arrse is it Sir?
  9. Neo-nazi? You are off your nut mate!

  10. yes, as it happens. First and last!
  11. Try not to let the door hit you on the Arrse on the way out.
  12. I'd get a better welcome on
  13. this is unreal... "trot on you racsist"

    Have you lot lost your minds?

    You are mental, lol
  14. Can we do a job lot and bin KevB too?
  15. I (for a change) agree with Bugsy.

    Good for the goose etc.

    Why not enter into a debate about it? The worse that can happen is that childish insults will get thrown, as long as they are moderated I do not see a problem.

    I personally know people that have voted BNP as a "last resort". They are not themselves "mindless racist thugs" but have simply, in their minds, ran out of parties. This is mainly due to not having a clue about politics or what political parties manifestos are.

    The "not having a clue" thing isn't even their own fault. As I have mentioned several times in the past, I am a Conservative Party member and have campaigned on their behalf. If he has issues that he thinks have not been addressed then I want to hear them. He doesn't, to me at least, come over as being an outright racist, he comes over as someone that feels that none of the mainstream parties can do anything for him.

    The best that can happen is that the original poster will change his mind. Either way it's a win, win.