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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by labrat, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here know anything about copyright law?

    Suffice to say, I have just heard certain alternative song lyrics on television, in the news - recorded as a song - that I wrote on this site in April of this year.

    An exact quote of my lyrics too!

    Now, I was more than happy to put forward lyrics for this song for people who I would regard as fellow users of this site (and therefore friends) to use at a certain sporting event...

    However, when its now being used by a certain large international news agency, and clearly someone is going to be paid for singing it - then It seems to me that I could at least be given the courtesy of them PM'ing me to ask my permission - anyone know what I should do to follow this up?

    cheers all

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Copyright Law Not sure if you'll find what you need but should give some explanation.
  3. Technically it is almost certain that you are entitled to protection under the copyright laws, and possibly also under performing rights rules as well. But, and there is a big but here, it can be extremely difficult (and sometimes expensive) to enforce your rights. If you want more help or info PM me.
  4. Knowing the Beeb they would have just paid session musicians a one of payment for recording it.

    When the song was on here for everyone to see there was no copyright logo on display, I'd say your shafted mate. dont know if you can retrospectivley copyright it (provided the Beeb haven't already done it)

    re-edit your post, add the copyright symbol (letter c in circle) followed by Labrat and everyone else who's versus made the final cut, then find a media lawyer.
  5. No need, copyright automatically exists whether the copyright symbol is displayed or not. But not sure how "fair usage" would apply in this case.
  6. Do you have a link to your post?

    Is the news clip anywhere on the net yet?

    I have no idea about copyright law, I'm just curious.
  7. You're not really going to court over this:

    Would you really want your name associated with it? :)
  8. Hey, if the fecking lying bbc twats are going to use my work, then they can at least be expected to ask permission and make a donation to my chosen charity!
  9. I think a short clip is allowed without payment.

    As the whole verse is 20 secs .... well, shame really
  10. Can you prove that you wrote those lyrics? Typing them on here is no proof that you are the owner of such lyrics.
    When I used to play in a band I would send all new songs to myself in the post by registered mail after I had recorded them. Then if I was ever going to take someone to court for copyright theft all I had to do was take in the unopened package containing the CD which had a date stamped on the top by the post office proving that I had written said songs on or before a certain date.
    Never actually tested that this works but everyone in a band does it.
  11. Surely the fact that his post on ARRSE also has a time and date stamp would make it just as valid proof of date of authorship as if he had sent himself a registered letter containing the text, and a good deal easier and cheaper to boot?

    The above cites US law (I couldn't be bothered to find something similar that specifically relates to England), but I'd guess that we have a similar principle.

    "So M'lud, Mr Labrat claims breach of copyright, but he offered the first verse freely with the words "so, for starters I'll give you verse one!"

    Furthermore, the chorus is clearly plagiarism. Approximately 50% of the words are those of a pre-existing song and the last line is an exact copy.

    Mr Labrat has not acknowledged the pre-existence of the sonnet, therefore M'lud, I move that these proceedings be dropped in advance of possible proceedings being made against Mr Labrat by the descendents of the as yet unidentified original writer."