Copying films to USB stick thingy

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by theiftaker, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Until last week when new management took over, on nights to keep us entertained we had access to internet, a TV and DVD player supplied by site owners. So to keep us awake the old owners (Former squaddie and top bloke) supplied the above.The main thing we are there for is immediate response to fire panel and burgalar alarms.

    New owner is a complete arrse and has took them all out, and had the DVD drive on the office pc disabled as well removing the router and taking it home with him at the end of every day.
    So what I want to know is is it possible to copy a dvd to a usb memory stick? I have an 8gb one.
    That way I can watch a film and if the C U N T turns up, exi it with a click and stash the usb thingy in my pocket before the i unlock the door.
    What software do I need and it needs to be free or cheaper and easy to use as I'm a real pooter biff.

    On the plus side someone noticed he had no tax disc displayed and it got reported............. some unkind Police officer were waiting and got him as he left site and it was seized. Nothing to do with him stop Police brew stops on sir :D
  2. i suppose you could download a film from isohunt!! usually about 700mb!

    this is a thoretical posibility not permission! downloading is a sin
  3. I Don't want to download films I have'nt paid for, I just want to watch films I already own. Once watched I can delete and reuse the memory stick.
  4. Buy yourself a mini dvd player you tight git!
  5. Very easily done mate. If you have the DVD then you want to rip it to your computer. DVD Shrink is a good, easy to use piece of software to copy a DVD to your computer, and then just copy the files to the stick.

    Also d/l DVD Decrypter, another free piece of software and can often rip DVDs that DVD Shrink might not be able to do if they have put some software protection on the disc. Rip the DVD to files if using that though as doing it to ISO will just require more work for you and if you don't know how to mount an ISO to a virtual drive then to run an ISO can get complicated.

    I use these all the time to rip my movies so feel free to PM me or check out the extensive forums for the two pieces of software.

    failing that, get your own router, not that expensive, and hook it up when the cnut has gone home
  6. Will it fit in my uniform pocket trigger? No drawers in the desk he's removed them and put all the files onto shelves ?
    Need to be able to stash quickly, We can't even Have Books or Magazines in the office.
  7. Fair point pal, i suggest slotting him...
  8. Not being the best at computers myself, would he need some sort of software on the PC to play it....if not will it work on DII ??
  9. What about a spangly Ipod Video? Surely you can put films on those, and it's pocket friendly too.
  10. This tit has a habit of random visits to site, and there is nowhere in the now gutted security office to hide it.
  11. yeah, he sounds like a right tw*t make sure you check out this for some ways to show the guy your feelings towards him

    quietly of course
  12. Nope too big, no Mobiles allowed in the office with the exception of the site mobile which is on a lanyard around the neck so he can see where it is.
    Mobile have to locked in your locker.
  13. Downloading Acids shrink thingy and dvd decrypter gadget wil let you know how I get on.
  14. well any standard media player should do it, but if the barsteward has taken that off the computer then I guess it is a case of taken an .exe file to install some sort of player, divx player for example, and install\uninstall every night. Not the best solution I know, but easy enough to do I guess. Install\uninstall should take under a minute each anyway
  15. On a completley different point, the google adds seem to dispay something appropirate to the post. There is a first for everything