Copying Blu Rays and DVDs to hard drive

Iam after some software to copy all my blu rays and dvds to my hard drive so i can take them away with me on my laptop. However i dont know what software to use. Are there genuine legal products i could purchase to do it or will they not work due to copy protection. If a genuine software program is not an option what software is best? i dont want something full of addware and all that stuff.
Any advice gratefully recieved.
There's a whole art to 'ripping' (that's the term) DVDs and Blu-Rays which I can't possibly summarise (partly because I don't know myself, and partly because it's a big subject).

Unless you have a Blu-Ray drive connected to a computer, either an external or internal one, then you won't be able to rip Blu-Rays.

Are you sure you have enough hard drive space? You're looking at a minimum of 700MB for a low-quality DVDrip, to a maximum of 10GB+ for a high-quality Blu-Ray rip. 2-3GB is ideal for a movie good enough to show on a laptop screen, but even so it'll fill up your HDD quickly. I have over 240GB of films downloaded in the past three months alone.

In any case I suggest you download uTorrent, and start trawling the torrent sites for good films. Make sure you download torrents with high numbers of seeders (most sites will allow you to organise the list by seeders). That'll keep your collection fresh and unseen, personally I don't see the point in spending the effort ripping films you've already seen.

Disclaimer: I thoroughly recommend you use uTorrent only for legal downloads. Of course. I can't think why you'd ever suspect otherwise. No sir.
Stonker said:
DVD Shrink (freeware - Google it) is good for standard DVDs, but hasn't been updated since 2006.
I use DVD Shrink as well, it does a good job although an average movie will take up about 4Gb on the hard drive.
No experience with Blu Ray I'm afraid, waiting for the price to come down 'fore I get one.
Look for AVS Video Converter, it can convert pretty much any type of video file to pretty much any other type of video file, e.g. Blu-Ray to say MPEG or WMV, just right for using on your laptop.

I currently use version 6 and have even used it to rip DVD's down to 3GP files to watch on my Blackberry whilst on hairyplanes.

It's a paid for program but once you have bought it it would be silly to not download a back up copy for free from using Utorrent or Bitorrent, just in case you lose the original download, of course.

Downloading a cracked version of it from TPB would be naughty and illegal so you definitely shouldn't look for Utorrent and PeerBlock in order to do this. No, that would be bad.
U can try Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper which is an ideal tool to do this copy job. It can rip almost all the versions of Blu-ray and DVDs including Avatar to hdd in a bit to bit way without quality loss. Besides, u still can compress or convert Blu-ray or DVD movies to other hd formats with it if u like. Till now, it works fine for me.

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