Copy of letter(ARRSEpedia)


With reference to the below that Ive picked off ARRSEpedia, is it possible to find a copy of said letter on internet.

Sorry no naked women,but it always gets you looking.

Will I be compulsorily mobilised?
Since November 2005, all TA mobilisations have been voluntary. The reference for the letter from LAND is Land/RF8201 dated 14 Nov 05.
why not put the effort you've made in wording that pissing people off, into making a decent, relevant subject heading?
Oh, and I gather that somebody has invented something called "Google".

Quite useful, really.

Nobody help him now.


Theres enough been posted on here about compulsory mobilisation. You could do some basic work (like reading posts), or you could ask posters to do your work for you :x

You're not an officer in the Medics are you 8O


I dont wish to get into a bun fight,may be I should have constructed the sentance slightly differently,such as.
Im trying to find a copy of letter Land/RF8201 which has been highlighted on ARRSEpedia.Having GOGGLED and surfed the net Ive not had any luck so I was hoping there may be some usefull advise into gaining a copy of letter on here.
I am fighting with my employer at the present time as they are not willing to allow me to join the TA (see my other posts) mainly down to the threat of mobilisation so I need as much ammo as possible,Ive also got SABRE dealing with my case.



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