Cops selling public information on speeding drivers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncledermott, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Mmmm, dunno about the outrage on this one.

    My understanding is that ACPO will be running the DB and charging the CPS for useage rights when it has to be determined if the driver is elligible to attend a retraining course or not. It's not as if they are selling these details on to "outside" sources as the headline would suggest.

    I know from experience in the public sector that even if say Police held the DB that they would still charge the CPS for use of said DB. Inter departmental charging is part and parcel of any large Public organisation.

    Whilst I am no fan of some of the activities that ACPO carries out, some of the stuff they do is actually quite useful so they are a bit of a double edged sword, although their top level guys do leave a lot to be desired.

    It guts me to actually be defending them here but with todays ethos of outsourcing I would rather that ACPO held the Database than say someone like 1st Data or Experian.

    Obviously in an ideal world the end user would hold the DB (i.e. the CPS) but they just aren't set up to administer and update it, unlike ACPO that holds hundreds if not thousands of DB's and are very set up to do so.
  2. Unless this a Press 'wind-up', then this must go to the top of the list of reasons why the police are no longer 'supported' by the majority of the population.

    I saw the original article and thought it had to be a 'wind-up', but.............

    Has the Data Protection Act no relevance? I suppose not, Bliar's police chiefs can do pretty well what they like - having saved him from..............
  3. Is anything that ACPO do,surprising?
  4. Er Data Protection isn't an issue here.

    It seems to me that police forces and CPS are paying ACPO to do checks for them that might well cost them more in time and effort if they did them themselves.

    It's just interdepartment budgetary pi$$ing about.

    The Police forces involved and The CPS all have these drivers' info anyway, or can pay the DVLA for it. It seems like theyre going to a single point of contact to get these eligibilty checks done rather than wasting man hours doing it themselves.