Cops Reject Ex-Squaddie For Having "RACIST" Tattoo

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. not a chance i would ever get to become a member of the "filth" then. says they have backed down but we all know they will find some other way of not excepting the poor cnut. fight for your country BUT you cannot police it :? :? :? :?
  2. Ivan Ivanovic? very British name! no wonder he got a tattoo, probably got sick of people asking him where he was really from!
  3. I wonder who took offence :?:

    must have been someone not of the British persuassion..........

  4. U N B E L I E V A B L E !!!!!

    So how much smelling salts, counselling, group hugs and compassionate leave do Cumbria Counstabulary need if they encounter real racism ......... or, heaven forbid, violent crime?
    (Not saying racism cannot be classed as violent crime).
  5. Maybe he should have had a Tattoo that said "Slay all those who insult Islam" He would have been the toast of the equal opportunities industry!

    On a serious note, yet another example of the insidious destruction of our history, culture and way of life. A report in yesterdays news of the world has identified the fact that it is now legal to discriminate against white people on the grounds of race. The Police and Home Office (Allegedly there to uphold the law impartially) are two of the biggest culprits.

    Don't say you were not warned.
  6. Same as the Gurkas not being let to live in this sh@thole that they just served as soilders for!!
    Cyprus is the way forward my friends
  7. or australia/new zealand/canada...........

    basically anywhere BUT the UK at the minute.
  8. is this a wind up - its in the Naafi after all.

  9. That's rich, coming from an Ultra English 'I hate everyone' Nationalist.

    Anyway back to the thread, the decision was probably made by one of those lefty 'diversity embracing' HR people, who got their job by creating rules which keep better people out. Police HR Offices are full of them.
  10. Englishmen don't run away from the enemy..... stand your ground lads!!
  11. See.
  12. in The News of the World? Must be gospel truth then :roll:
  13. Who'd want to be a PCSO anyway?
  14. Biscuits (Or should that be Bigot AB) wrote:

    That's rich, coming from an Ultra English 'I hate everyone' Nationalist.

    I don't hate anyone biscuits, (Treasonous appeasing Lefties and/or Islamists notwithstanding) I'm just redressing a very one sided balance. I'm sure you would have something to say had it been a Saltire tattoo found offensive? Oh I'm sorry, you are allowed to fly your flag ain't you? I forgot it is only we English who are denied our nationality.
  15. Well that was easy. I did think that you'd hold out a bit longer. Chod.