Cops on Camera

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ironrations, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. Anyone watching this, squadie just caught with cocaine on his stag do in Skegness..
  2. Is that interesting?
  3. Did he do the, but officer I'm a soldier and therefore above the law of the land as applied to other people?
  4. He's a squaddie, not an MP
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: spot on 8)
  6. You mean he didn't get those drugs from his expense claims then!!
  7. Didn't he get a caution? would it have got back to his unit CoC?
  8. I thought so, if you didn't, why reply? Trying to get your post count up?
  9. It fcukin well will if he coughed his occupation at the custody suit counter. Notifiable occupation and all that. tough sh1t wilson if its true.... :police:
  10. Why did you find it interesting?
  11. The young chaps attitude was interesting, trying to wriggle out of it as he was army straight away. The copper telling him he didn't care right off the bat if he was army was also interesting. I was also interested to see if perhaps anyone knew anymore about this, whether the guy had soldiered on, as his face was shown, and what the implications were.
  12. Ok fair enough!
  13. Cops do coke as well as soldiers-unfortunately.
  14. I dare say if the lad had whipped out a police warrant card instead of a MOD Form 90 that video would not have been on the TV.
  15. sad but true, as a cross section of society all uniform services will inevitably have there share of tw@ts.... :x
    But they get caught eventually.....hopefully...... :policecap: