Cops and NBC

There was an interesting Channel 4 news item in which the Chief Constable of the British Transport Police said his officers weren't prepared for a chem/bio attack and didn't know what they were facing. They went in regardless (respect).

I can't find a link but it may be repeated elsewhere or in the papers tomorrow.

Does this mean that the large-scale exercises involving people wearing inflatable green suits are largely window-dressing to reassure/intimidate the public? If the bombs had contained a credible survivable and dispersable biological agent (admittedly a very unlikely scenario) then much of London would be now be puking/sh!tting/coughing their guts up/out.

I assume that there is an intelligence-based threat posture, similar to the systems those of us in uniform were familiar with. Buf if there is no int (and no foreseen threat) then that creates an unenviable dilemma for an incident commander - does he/she send the troops in to save life and perhaps succumb or become a carrier, or hold them back as people are dying?
Some people went in the doom suits .Rember watching it on the telly .Ambulance and medics have complained they didnt have correct
clothing to go down to the tube .
I thought the Multi Agency Incident Assessmnet Teams, which BTP contribute to, were supposed to resolve these type of issues.

Sounds like folks are not getting joined up properly?
It would be nice to believe that we have hundreds of nbc kits and other equipment scattered across london and other major cities with lots of up to date trained civilian [ie not military] personnel ready for such a scenario but reality is probably and unfortunately a whole lot different.
Was at a surplus dealer the other day buying some cheap LR tyres, and they had this monster shredder going full chat, shredding unopened doom suits, which were slightly out of date, there must have been 8 boxes of them, all 2m cubes.
What a waste.
I thought the police and other blue-light services had specialist units that handled NBC or CBRN as its now known, just like they have so19 for firearms. But I'm not sure your average bobby has NBC training or kit, just like he doesnt have a firearm, he needs to call the guys who do!

How much would it cost to equip every policeman, fireman and ambulanceman with an NBC suit or 2, resi, gloves & boots, DKP, combopens etc, basically the "set" a squaddie gets (or SHOULD get) and give them the training to use it? Not the full-on doom suits with their own oxygen supply etc that would be too complicated and expensive so leave that to the specialists (whatever the police version of joint NBC regiment is), but EVERYONE should have some form of protection so they can continue to carry out their job and for their own protection too.

Hats off to the transport police for going in regardless but if that was for real we just have more victims carrying & spreading the disease to deal with!

Hell perhaps we could issue every citizen with the kit so even if it does spread crazily, at least you could try and hole up in your own attic or somewhere to isolate yourself til the government has got its act together, the Israelis all had NBC kit!


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