Copperslip/ rubber.


Brakes on Bonnie weren't freeing orf very well. Stripped and cleaned them, minor gunge cleaned off pistons, and slider pins. Tin of brake grease £15, enough to keep a busy garage going for a year, stuff that. Copperslip to hand, so I put a thin smear round the outer edge of the piston, job jobbed. Now someone tells me c/slip damages rubber. Does anyone know if this is so?
Red rubber grease is 'deffo the way to go for the pistons, and as copperslip is not a grease but an anti seize product it shouldn't really be used on moving parts.

Great for wanting to unscrew stuff at a later stage, and a smear on the back of the pads (as the OP is aware) will help to stop squealing.

Copperslip will go all gunky, and eventually turn to a gooy powder so If it were me, I'd clean it off the pistons for that reason alone.

That said, I have never heard of a problem with copperslip actually eating it's way through rubber.
Molyslip's blurb on Copaslip doesn't specifically state that you can't use it against rubber but the examples of where it can be used only mention metal to metal instances. They do identify that the compound contains mineral oil ( ).

Brake fluids tend to be made from non-petroleum origins because of the propensity of petroleum-based oils to swell rubber. Mineral oil is generally petroleum-based. Nevertheless Citroen use LHM (a mineral oil) in their brake and clutch systems BUT it seems that their seals are made from a rubber that isn't affected.

So it looks like avoiding Copaslip on anything but metal surfaces is good advice.

But why are you contemplating spending £15 on brake grease? Castrol Red Rubber Brake Grease for Brake Seals 25 grams on eBay! It's probably about as cheap at at your local motor factor (not car accessory shop).


Thanks Gentlemen. Looks like a clean off. Getting good at it now.
(Much easier than Rover 2000 rear brakes.)
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