Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by jack-daniels, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Anyone see that programme on Channel 4 last night? **** me, that was an advert for euthanasia if ever I saw one.
    Oh, and how the hell do they get 'gavva station' for a cop shop?
    Medways finest mongs on that programme!
  2. Gabaronne (or some such pronunciation) is a word used in South East Kent
    to describe police/police action.
    God only knows why
  3. 'Gavva' is nomadic, romantic, travelling people speak. Pikey to you and me. Gavva is a cop.

    And yes, it was bit like watching an advert for 'Premier Inns' for workshy, benefit swindling, chav breeding, theiving, drug abusing deadwood *****. Only the service is better. And they don't have to pay. We do.
  4. Those mug shots they were showing of the scumbags over the years were a good advert for the perils of drugs...and as for the biff and his poem at the end of it!
  5. Quite funny telly. He was wearing a shirt he nicked off the bloke doing his smackhead missus. Clucking like hell cos he needed a fix because he'd been nicked on the day he was released from prison.

    And there he was rapping about the police and prison officers needing to get a life! Comedy gem.

    You'd love to mix bleach in his morning hot chocolate though
  6. Indeed what bunch of fuckwits, geezer crying when his Missus bollocked him for getting nicked but the best was the mong Chav **** up that had been released a few hours before, getting arrested again, phones his bint up to give her the good news only to find a bloke on the end of the phone shagging his missus and acusing him of nicking his clothes ******* classic.
  7. And the unforgetable 'I will pretend to have a fit coz you won't give me methadone, innit' thereby taking an emergency ambulance and two coppers out of circulation. I would have been quite happy to see said crew throwing his worthless, lifeless body into a ditch where at least it could feed the local wildlife.
  8. You'd get away with it as well seeing as the smack addled halfwit had no teeth to identify him by.
  9. Funniest bit was the civvy jailer describing some of the items forund during intimate searches; the one about the bloke with 2 mobile phones & 2 chargers stored up his arrse was priceless! Bet he had to be careful how he walked with that cargo on board......
    The phrase "Chatham Pocket" will entertain me forever. You couldn't make it up.
    But seriously, I can't think of a better documentary to warn against the perils of becoming a drug addict. Potential smackheads should consider themselves warned.
  10. That would have been an X-Ray worth seeing!
  11. 'kin hell was i the only one to pick up on the menu she read out, **** me about ten choices, and ******* hot chocolate every ten minutes! arsenic in the drink for that ******** druggy twat who kept winking at the female staff thinking he was some kind of adonis and they would be treading water in their knickers at aforementioned wink twat twat twat
  12. On my last little stint in Aldershots 'Five Bar Hotel' I wasn't offered one bloody meal in 24 hours!
  13. Quite a funny show, did laugh at that pink shirted fool and his 'poetry'. "Don't you go making me look like one of those mugs, I'm a poet!". No editing needed on the producers part for that...

    Also the bit on the phone with guy who was banging his missus "you bin nickin' my clobber!" "no I ain't, what'chu talkin' baht?!" "Yeah, my pink shirt!" as the low life was wearing it, haha! Soon changed the subject on that one.
  14. The trailer for nxt week's edition was classic. Podgy OB smashing his kisser into a KFC whilst announcing to camera that he would lock up people all day if he could.

    When he wasn't stuffing his face with greasy chicken wings that is....priceless.
  15. While you're laughing at the junkies, bear in mind that each of them costs us an average of £60 grand a year in methadone, police time, probation, medical care, welfare, social services and hot chocolate. Each child that's taken off a junkie and put into care is another £60 grand a year.

    Time to face the fact that we have an underclass that's surplus to requirements. There's an expensive way to deal with them and there's a cheap way.