Coppers! What a bunch of bastards eh?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. As Arrse is a little obsessed with the Old Bill at present I thought I would start a thread on the subject.

    Ever been fitted up by the filth? Ladies ever been offered the "easy" way out of being charged?

    Lets hear all your bent/thick copper stories.

    Being a well behaved chap I've not had many run ins with the peelers the most noteworthy being arrested for suspected assault. On being lifted from the street outside a large barracks in the wee small hours I asked why I was being arrested and got the reply "you fit the description" when I asked what said description was they refused to tell me. When I asked if perhaps it was average height, average build and short hair they showed me the back of the van.

    After a long night of whistling the Great escape theme tune I was finally interviewed. During the interview I not only found out that the suspect was a completely different height and build, had different colour hair and was wearing completely different clothes to me.

    Then released without charge after 15 hrs in custody without so much as a sniff of an apology or a lift back to where they arrested me (10 miles away). They did find time to ring the RMP and incorrectly inform them that I had been charged with an offence, who then contacted my unit. When my Orderly Officer rang the nick they then told him they had released me hours earlier.

    What a bunch of shit cunts!

    Ladies and gentlemen over to you, your tales please.

    P.s Any coppers wanted to gob off at me feel free although I shan't be reading your posts. :D
  2. No but I have used the "I'm a pathetic girl and got scared driving alone in the dark..." and been let off speeding twice :D
  3. Just you wait spaz, in a minute or two you'll suddenly be overwhelmed by the coppers who are Fine Upstanding Policemen telling you how feckin wrong " YOU ARE " because they don't do anything wrong, DO They?
  4. I think they're cnuts. they told me that, if I joined I'd have a really good job. Lying barstewards!
  5. Never seen a guilty person arrested and then let off in my life, how about you Seagull?
  6. I have actualy. Several times I've sat across the interview table and thought "You're as guilty as a puppy sat next to a pile of poo"

    Only for the CPS bod to say otherwise.
  7. Totally agree, mate: a bunch of p0ofs who can't even knock out a woman if they hit her TWICE!

    The sooner they are replaced with the Fingermen, the better! :twisted:
  8. just tell us what happened and you will let you off with a caution...
  9. He would have been far more effective if he'd been issued with a white vest, Elizabeth Duke Sovereigns, and a can of Stella. That'd learn her! :twisted:
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've had good and bad. I've been let off when the book should have been thrown at me and been fcuked over for a minor infraction. Arguably the crime was getting caught either way. But all that was more than 12 years ago.

    I think they do a tough job with one arm rammed up their arrse, rather than merely tied behind their backs.

    That being said, there is an aura of arrogance that permeates the various forces today. As if we should be thankful they are there and not question their authority and judgement under any circumstances.

    I personally think major reform is in the offing, the current system simply isn't working. What comes next is anyones guess.
  11. I was being ironic, are you American or German?
  12. Thats rather a sensible reply! Do you know what forum this is?

    Army nicks are much more fun we had 2 Craftys get a couple of weeks of pokey a few years ago, so we sent up a chocolate cake on a tray under a tea towel with a huge bastard file sticking out of the side, with a note saying "Be quick! meet you at the front gate in 10 mins." The RP just rolled his eyes and gave it to them.
  13. I think a degree level education or six years previous work experience (maybe with some volunteer work as well) needs to be made compulsory. Plenty of good coppers who had neither when they joined but looking at some of the stuff on TV I can't help but think that some of them joined the police because they didn't fancy joining the army as the people they would have been fighting in the latter might have had more than a bobble hat to protect themselves with.
  14. Friggin brilliant job. Can't remember the army paying me double time for sitting on my arrse all day scoffing doughnuts. Great!
  15. I'm really impressed by our local plod, they are a fine upstanding body of men (and women) They also have a cracking bar with a very nice snooker table. :D