Coppers-Pizzas-Fire Extinguishers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Oh I don't know I think there is a bit of Murphy's law in some of these incidents.

    Although last time I defended a PC for missing a knife wound in a body I received a harder time than when I describe them as incompetents.

    I think this falls into the 'shit happens' group.
  2. It doesn't mention whether Ricky Gervais walked in from stage left shouting "you havin' a laugh?"
  3. I'm wondering what the pizza was supposed to be evidence of anyway...

    "Right men, according to forensic analysis of the pizzas we're looking for a vegetarian, two people who like meatballs and one who doesn't like onions."
  4. I might be wrong, but the boxes were found in the patrol car the next day (lazy jack bastard) and the mobile phone number of the kidnapper was written on the box so he could be called by the delivery driver if there was a problem finding him.
  5. I like this quote from the Judge:

    He is not in court, but after seeing his picture Judge Paul Worsley QC quipped: "You can see why he's called Muscles."

    What it didn't say was....the Judge with a twinkle in his eye on looking at the photo!

  6. Judge Paul Worsley QC quipped: "You can see why he's called Muscles, beat me, whip me, smash me up the hoop big boy "
  7. I always thought that DP on an extinguiser meant Dry I realise it means Deep Penetration!