Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. The 'other' side of our wonderful Police, looks to be interesting & hear their side of their daily work routine?

    Coppers - Channel 4

    Makes a change from the normal run of the mill programme hopefully, we'll wait & see...

  2. Well, it's off to a good start! More power to them!
  3. Oops!

    Weekend ex, tired... got off luckily.
  4. Was enjoying it until the plod with the goatee used the phrase 'the fast lane'...
  5. Why do you not drive fast in it ?? Lane 3 is for **** traffic lol
  6. Yep, and I also drive fast in the other lanes too...
  7. As a copper I have just spent the last 15 minutes squirming in my seat watching "coppers" on C4, fellas just because you can say stuff doesn't mean you should. Although he seemed to be a decent sort when he dealt with the injured TA lad.
  8. Yes, hats off to the officer dealing for discretion (not bias as this is an forces forum) so far not a bad episode
  9. Keep up its the 2nd episode Beemer last week it was all about the custody suite staff
  10. KFC, sweets and non-diet coke. Healthy-looking bunch of chaps....

    Anyone know who the hooray henry was who drove his merc coupe into a wall? That was quite funny, watching his attempts at RTI when being questioned.... and his reported quote in the end-of-episode round up: "Police? Marvellous people...doing a fantastic job...!"
  11. Western I'm beginning to think you do not like the five O.
  12. It's not that mate, I just try to bring some balace to the debate.
  13. Cheers for the reminder....
  14. Smack on, I was disgusted watching them ram that crap into their gobs, not a kebab in sight, standards, people, standards!