Coppers bike - updated

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Trackpen, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Almost run down by One of these in Rome this morning - no siren, no blue light. Neat, though.
  2. Looks a bit like a mobility scooter to me! Obviously for those who can only stand........ maybe they've got piles...... 8O
  3. The most significant invention of the 21st century...........

    ..............or perhaps not!
  4. Love the panniers!! Have seen these in Amsterdam being used by Tourist Guides. (without panniers)

    Nifty toy for those with disposable income.
  5. There's a place in Piazza del Popolo in Rome where you can rent Segways to get round on; one enterprising tour guide actually conducts tours on the machines. As 1771 said, what struck me were the panniers. Beats the idea of roller blades for the Parks' police in London.
  6. Lazy bone idle fcukers. Being italian I bet its got more reverse gears than forward aswell.

  7. Those two definitely look like a pair of dafties, and they obviously judging by the looks on their faces they know it.
  8. I have seen them in San Francisco where a group of you are able to go for a guided bimble and look t*ts in formation. 8O

  9. When did Max and Paddy join the Italian Police force?
  10. I wonder why the guy with the beard has got a wide wheeled version? Could he be an Italian chav? Maybe it has go-faster stripes on it too?
    I bet if you load those panniers unequally the things will go round in circles!! :lol: