Copper wins Mr Gay UK.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Oct 2, 2006.

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    PC Mark Carter, 23, stripped off a mock uniform and beat a town planner and a sailor to be voted Britain’s sexiest homosexual at Blackpool’s Flamingo Club.

    Bloody Hell, that sounds a bit fruity. I bet his truncheon smells of shite.
  2. Did you mean his real truncheon, or were you euphemising...?

    either way suppose you could well be right.
  3. Start your jokes now about:

    Taking down particulars
    'Beat' bobbies
    Private dicks

    etc. etc, etc...........

  4. It brings a new meaning to the term 'Bent Copper' I suppose...

    I'll get me coat.
  5. So thats where loz was out this weekend, I wondered why he was keeping it quiet. :D
  6. Two lesbians in a mud bath YES Battle of the Gays NO! Mentally scarred for life now. By the way how do you dress up as a Town Planner!!?
  7. He'll be very interested in taking down his boyfriends "particulars"

    I bet he has a faeces covered "Bobbies Helmet"

  8. As quoted below, A year of appearances, photoshoots and £5k, get back to work and provide a service of capturing villians...Lazy Man.... :twisted:

    Mark — backed by West Yorkshire Police — won £5,000 and will embark on a year of appearances and photoshoots.
  9. By the whole force, eh? :D kinky sod 8O
  10. oooh chase me!
  11. I think its wrong, loads of officers have been prosecuted/disciplined having posed on faceparty, claenders or other sites when they wore bits of uniform or identifed themselves as police officers, jsut because this guy is gay why should he be treated any differently.
  12. I still think the Navy boy should have won!!!

    I wonder if that was a pink skin flute?? :-D
  13. Presumably becasue he told his chain of cmmand and got their permission first. Had he not done this then I would agree.
  14. Its one thing to March in a Pride Parade in uniform, but its another to stip at a Mr Gay UK. Personaly I think it discredits the Police Servicce.

    As for the Navy apparently guy he goot booted from HMS Raleigh for doing a male recruit whilst he was a PTI.