Copper shoots his second "Victim"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hallveg, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Listening to Radio 2's (I know I know) news of the fact that the copper who shot the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes has been involved in the shooting of a Bank robber. There acting like he is a mass murderer!

    WTF is going on? He is an armed Police man, if he is back on the streets it will be because he is fit for role?

    I have written to the BBC telling them i think there coverage on Radio 2 is ridiculous!

    The looney left is saying he should have his weapon taken of him for ever. tossers. They are highly trained (although mistakes happen) why should we spend a fortune training them to have them dragged threw the crap pile every time they act, in our defence?

    I for one would like to say Good work Fella, and next time you’re in the situation then please do the same!

    Rant over
  2. Why don't the loony left do his job for a year - the copper will make more rational choices in parliament and the pollys might get killed and rid us of the scum that they are!
  3. DOUBLE HIS SHIFTS!!!!!!! :twisted:
  4. We need more like him.
  5. Slightly off the thread but in this country the average Bobby isnt armed so the criminals who are armed are nearly always going to have the upper hand, not in this case though. What do people expect? If a person is going to hold up a bank then there is a strong possibility that he is going to be shot is there not?
  6. I would guess that after all the grief of JCDM, it took a lot of guts to back on ops, good luck to the guy.
  7. Link

    OK, so the shooter in question is part of a designated team called in for that was a bank raid...It's highly possible the shootee was armed (we won't know that until later)...this is hardly the same as a beat cop shooting someone coming out of a window, is it?

    While I hardly think you're part of the "loony left" for questioning whether or not someone's competent with a gun, this does not seem like the right circumstance to be doing so.
  8. I was listening to the mental "loony left" chap on the Radio so i have no link to prove what he said but I swear to Allah he said "we should name and shame him". Now tell me that’s not mental?
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Sensationalist press printing cr@p yet again. The boy should be patted on the back. After all the stick he got for the last one (which was the fault of poor comd and int), it would take some guts to get back on the job.

    Well done mate.
  10. Good drills. They whinge like fcuk when some bint gets shot up north by armed robbers and then they hang out to dry the blokes who bomb up everyday to go and try do something about it.

    Break the law. Pay the price. Be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also pay the price.
  11. The papers this morning have said that the armed robber who was killed fired a shotgun at the police immediately prior to being shot. Based on current information it seems that the officer concerned has correctly followed his rules of engagement. Once the inquest has been concluded then that should be an end to the matter.

    If the SO19 officer had not been involved in the Stockwell incident then this would have caused little more than a murmur on the news.

    The circus of pressure groups, activitsts, hard-left groups and police haters are sensing a second chance to "get" this officer, though I doubt very much if they will get anywhere. He did his job; it may not be nice, but it's neccssary. You can't give armed robbers group hugs.
  12. I have no doubt that's what he said (radio bombast is what these morons get paid for, right?)! I was just referring to different types of circumstances, and how this guy surely picked the wrong one to vent about. But why let facts get in the way of a good story?
  13. PC brainwashing at it's best/worst........

    Speechless he is obviously good at his job and very commited to carry on after the mendecockup, even if he was acting in good faith.

    I say promote him and send him and his family on an all expenses paid holiday, as a reward.

  14. He is what makes us great - he made a decission at stuck to it protecting civilians - and the politicians criticise him for doing so - it is mad! bloody mad!!
  15. They make him sound like he is running around with a necklace of ears
    ffs.Its what he gets paid to do criminal had the choice to surrender either
    decided to try and fight or chose death by copper who cares.