Copper Jailed for Punching Chav

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Vulnerable?!

    Should have called firearms in.

    You'd think he'd know better than ballsing up his statement wouldnt you?
  2. No, the politico's call them vulnerable if they can't spell.
  3. Most kids today are vulnerable in that case.
  4. Sorry, no sympathy here as far as conviction goes. They are little c*nts, but the Police have to be above that. There are NO excuses.
  5. Also it seems that the copper first said the boy had tripped,then changed his story to claim self defence.No doubt the boy was a wee shite,but coppers are not above the law,are they?
  6. You've not seen The Bill then I gather...
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bowlarks - swinging a bit of 4x2 at the staff in the home, gobbing off to the copper, previous for assualting adults . . . give the little cnut a damn good thrashing and make him fear people wot are bigger.
  8. Vulnerable my ARRSE. The little b@stard deserved everything he got, and a fcuk sight more. :evil:

    The only thing the copper did wrong was being found out! :twisted: FFS, don't they teach coppers how to give scum a shoeing without leaving too many bruises anymore?! 8O
  9. Cop did the right thing just the wrong way, should have got jail for being a knob not punching the yob.
  10. At the risk of starting a "when I..."

    as a kid if you were caught doing something wrong by the local Bobby you got a clout, he then dragged you home to your door and handed you to your Mother, she knocked ten bells out of you for fetching the Bobbies round, when your Father got home you got the belt as well so you either learnt early on not to get caught or not to do it in the first place.

    this PC sh1t where the kids have more powers than the adults is what is degrading society to the point of anarchy, bring back the stocks and the birch for the little toerags.

    Well done Copper, I wish there were more of you out there...hang on, where did he come from, thought they were extinct on Britains streets these days?

    Oops... :oops:
  11. And of course now this "Vulnerable" young thug will now trot out the phrase "Touch me and you'll lose your job like your mate did". Making him even less likely to mend his ways.
  12. And Didsbury used to such a nice area. The Woodhouse Park cancer is creeping outwards steadily. Are we the only country that would've jailed the copper for his momentary lapse of self-discipline? I bet the Spaniards or the Frogs wouldn't have given a flying. Little shyte will be back in the village on the vodka in a trice.

    The other thing is that twelve-year-olds today do NOT look like the twelve-years-olds of the days when I was... 12. Some of the feckers are bigger than me and they ain't even got hairs 'round their dicks. I blame it on e-numbers... probably.

    Did I mention I was outraged? 8O
  13. Outraged doesn't come close. The little sh1t would have vanished into a shallow peat grave on the nearby moors before the shift had ended. Hope his parents die of syphillis.
  14. The lads from Sunhill are alright. It's that Barton Street mob you've got to watch! :lol: